Friday afternoons are the worst.

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4 hours until I get off work and then it's the weekend!!!
yes. The game is flooded by casual players that Blizzard grafted into the ranks by means of placements. So there's no experience to be had anywhere, and you get all these over-extending, poor-positioning, choke-lurking, no-aiming, trickling fools.

I'm down 150SR as a result. Thought it was Thursday :(

Sooo Blizzard, will you go for the fast cash and pander to the noobs by inflating their rank or will you go for the more over time cash and fix your damned mode.

The weekend is irrefutable evidence that you've fracked up.
I don't know. My friends and I are too busy enjoying Lucio ball. It's a rare event so enjoy. Kick off your shoes, relax:)
For stuff like this, lets take it over the General. Lets try and keep the Competitive forums on target with competitive topics.

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