It baffles my mind that you find DF's one shot more annoying

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Roadhogs hook, a ranged, instant shot that pulls you out with little to no indicator, most likely leading into a one shot

is somehow more annoying than a slow moving guy with giant lightning affects and a very loud charging up sound to let you know that he is right around the corner???

i dont know what to tell you if you cant hear roadhog when hes nearby
The weird part is that you're expected to believe an allied Zarya/Dva will save you every time you get hooked, but the idea of people shooting Doomfist when he's in the middle of your team after a punch is impossible because Doom is faster than Superman
ppl just dont want to pay attention tbh

if more ppl actually kept an eye around them, they'd of never had been hog flanked b4 hand...

and now they wouldnt get fisted

ive died 3 times to doomfist since his release

and ive seen one in EVERY game ive played.

i kill doomfist a few times and he swaps cuz its not as strong as ppl think it is.

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