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I am stuck on the main screen after i clicked on lucio ball and i have no idea what to do. I retsrated my pc, opened and closed overwatch ten times, reinstalled overwatch, scanned for files, tried a different region, and im still stuck on the screen. I really hope someone notices this and finds a way to fix it because right now the game is completely unusable by me

UPDATE: after an hour of just letting the game sit there, i returned to see if anything changed and the game fixed itself,i can now play anything.
I have exactly the same problem.
Having the exact same issue here
Same issue for me...
Same. Hope Jeff fixes it quick
Same. jeff u better fix this fast boi!
Same here. I tried joining custom games, tried making a custom game. Specifically, it says "Can't join a custom game while in competitive play"
For me it happened when i tried Competitive lucio ball and now its stuck on "searching" but it has no option to cancel the search. I tried everything, cleared the blizzard cache, restarted my pc, no luck. Hopefully this is resovled quickly.
me too
Same problem here, I have closed the game and completely shut down the Blizzard App 12 times, uninstalled/reinstalled, scanned/repaired the game, shut down my PC, restarted my modem, and it is still stuck on "Searching" in Competitive Lucioball.
Same here. Closed my game, it doesn't fix. Closed battlenet, it also did not fix. Every time I start it up, I'm stuck in "searching" with no cancel button.
Same goes for me ... waiting for the fix...
me too
Welp, gg, i just wanted to play with a ball :C.
Stuck too btw...
Same. Jeff please fix!
I am also stuck. Happened while searching for lucio ball game when I was opening a lootbox :(
Having the exact same issue. I clicked on competitive Lucio Ball, instantly joined a game but canceled due to failed connection, now I am stuck "Searching" for another game. There is no option to cancel this search, and I have tried everything. Jeff pls fix
I just wanted to throw balls around man. y do they do this to us
Yep. Stuck in a frkin searching for game loop.... I hope i will find a goot match at least after that long search..

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