Tanks and healers need to be more fun to play

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08/13/2017 05:27 AMPosted by ragequit
I'm not saying they aren't fun to anyone at all. They are just not fun enough, to make enough people want to play them. There is too few people who want to play them.

I like to play tank, I main tanks. I changed main a lot of times due to nerfs/changes tho. I would really like to play my thing without being patched into all sorts of random directions T.T.
Well, a big part of the issue is that healers and tanks need to be more "selfless" and have a greater awareness of their team, while as DPS you don't need to care about other people as much since your kit isn't designed from the ground up to assist other people. For example, Reinhardt's core role will always be based around providing a huge shield for other people regardless of how much he gets buffed or changed.

I don't see much of a way to change that. We can kind of help it out with buffs to any heroes that may need it and offering additional fun hero choices in those classes, but at the end of the day many people just don't enjoy the idea of helping others instead of helping themselves.

There was a thread a few weeks ago titled "Overwatch is a selfless game played by selfish players." That quote basically sums up the situation of any class-based system.
The only way to make them fun is to give them dps potential, but people cry when you make them fun.

D.Va "waaaaaa she can 1v6"
Roadhog "waaaaaaaa one shot"
Ana "waaaaaaa healer should not kill!!"
Maybe when the monkeys that balance the game stuff gutting damage from the likes of Hog, DVa and Ana
I don't mind playing tank or healer, but if I'm solo queuing or only playing with one other friend I'm going to go DPS or something because trying to get teamwork out of a group of other solo que players is a nightmare.

Last time I played tank for a group of randos I gave up because they kept screaming about me not being able to simultaneously protect the front of the group at the chokepoint from the bulk of the enemy team, while also not being able to circle back around to protect them from the one or two guys flanking.
I find dps more fun, but if we use the all heroes statistic, I'm a mercy main.

I don't play them due to fun (Maybe every now and again, but not most of the time,) but because our team decided two snipers was a good idea and we have no tanks or healers.

It honestly hurts me in comp too. I want to be able to dps in comp confidently, but the only dps I can play in there is Pharah because people in gold can't aim still. I am such a bad shot, but I can't get any practice with soldier or Mccree, and the last time I picked Soldier in comp, I was yelled at to just do QP, but I can't do QP without removing a healer, making games just a frustrating loss.
i think we could use more of them, we got a lot of dps heros, now lets get more tanks and healers!
lucio is pretty fun to play
I think the healers are fun. Maybe some sort of change to mercy so that she can have more active gameplay. The real issue for healers is that there are only 4 of them, so the lack of variation can really start to bore people.

For tanks, there are 6 to choose from, and for the most part each of them tanks in a different way. The problem with tanks though, is that the tanks don't have complex/interesting gameplay. Reinhardt is basically hold right click, winston is basically hold left click, and dva us skillfully holding right click for short periods of time. The off tanks were always the more fun tanks to play, until roadhog and dva got nerfed, which made the former weak and the latter boring. That leaves Orisa and zarya, which while its debatable if orisa is fun, zarya does have a very active kit that allows for interesting gameplay, but she's among the worst tanks to use as a solo tank.

Tl:dr- supports need more variety for hero choice, tanks need more complex/interesting gameplay mechanics.
I Absolutely agree tanking needs work. Winston jumps and holds down left click. Reinhardt holds down right click and Es on occasion. DVa aggressively right clicks at people and then runs away to recharge. Like wow this is compelling gameplay.

In a nutshell this is the problem I have with tanks. I don't find holding down one button for most of the game that interesting. That's why I enjoy zarya since she has some interesting mechanics unlike the other tanks.
Reading the forums makes me feel like I'm the only person who actually likes to play DM bot D.va. I know that people are unhappy that the way she was meant to be played was taken away and has been made into a generally unfun hero to play as(and against) but I wish there was a replacement.

A support hero focused on damage mitigation for friends would be cool. Zarya's bubbles are cool but the cooldown is long because of all the effects it has besides just protecting from damage, especially that it stops damage from bleeding through. Rein and Orisa have barriers but they can't save people in the same way Defense Matix can. All of the current supports except Symmetra can only block damage with ultimates and Symmetra's shield isn't that reliable.

I always feel good when I see a friend getting hooked and boost myself over to them and activate matrix to save them. Being able to very reliably protect supports from Tracer also feels good. Stopping sneaky Reapers that no one else on the team notices (or has CC to interrupt)from killing everyone with an ult feels great too.

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