LucioBall Bump Gone ? Stupid !!

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Why did they take bumping out of LucioBall ?? It was very tactical now it's boring as hell. That was a great way to help your own Goalie if they had pressure pushing on your goal or they boosted to Wall Ride or even to make a move to help your team score. This is sad for me, I took a 6 month break from this game to come back to play this to see yet another Blizz move to screw up something that was a harmless tool in the game.

Did someone cry that it was unfair or it was " Bullying " I mean COME ON !!
it was on levels of cheese I only saw while playing Top-Lane Udyr in League
Yea I miss the boop and pull. I think this season is really boring but I think me and you are the minority here.
Why is the title written like a Donald Trump tweet? lol
Honestly I'm glad it's gone, games just devolved into booping goalies for easy shots which was very annoying as a goalie to deal with, there was ZERO skill involved, don't kid ur self about that.

At least now it's about smart shots, good aim, and passing to get goals.

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