What was your first FPS/Shooter ?

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The first one was Goldeneye on N64

My first online one was the very first medal of honor on pc. I have good memories of that.
To be honest, I can't really remember. My favorite shooter is still UT2004, I've had so many hours of fun in that game. America's army was pretty cool too, Some people hated things like the medic course, but I thought that was interesting as kid.
Quake 2
Doom 2: Hell on Earth.

Although not my first computer game, it was one of my first that came on a CD! I remember I had to reboot into DOS mode and would ensure that my my computer's turbo button was pushed in to make it run smoother.
does minecraft count as a shooter?
CS Portable on the PC; Borderlands 2 on the console
Golden Eye: 007 on the N64. From then on I went to play a bit of COD ton of BF3 to the point where I was an expert in on foot fighting as purely a soldier. Talking about swuad wiping vehicle clearing soldier gamepay where I would even take warehouses by myself. And then a lot of Star Wars Battlefront 1 2 and Rogue Squadron on the PSP. Then my love for Paladins came about then Overwatch is my thing now. Needless to say while I have 100s of hours of positioning map awareness and basic weaponry mastery I still do well in Overwatch and try to teach others the basics of a shooter coupled with my knowledge of ability usage from over 5000 games in LOL.

The teaching part isn't going so well. Still have snipers who try tobreak shields at a snails pace. Or flankers who believe their dps is worthy of being a frontline fighter rather than the sneaker flanker that should be secure kills or causing the Rein to shield in another direction.

So honestly a lot of expertise carried over from multiple games that somehow still make me look bad even though I can dance with silvers with ease.
Aliens vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar

That god damn motion detector was a whole bag of nope.

And the sheer fact they added in the damn predator laugh, and the movie lines the predator does, nothing like being in a hallway and hearing 'over here' made me nope even more.
Mine was either Doom II or that Jimmy Neutron game where you go around and shoot aliens inside of his laboratory.

I remember playing those games on Windows XP a long time ago.
This is my first ever FPS. It's nice, because there are a lot of characters that I can play with mediocre aim and still do well.
Half life 1
To be honest I'm not exactly sure... FPS games are really fun to me and I can't recall what my first one is...
Does it count Duck Hunt for the NES? :P If not, then Counter Strike 1.4
Doom on PC. Deathmatch was amazing. Fire up that 14.4Kpbs modem and play for hours on end with friends across town! I don't think I actually played Wolfenstein until after I'd already been exposed to Doom.
Wolfenstein 3D, though the first one I really sank hours and hours into was the original Quake.
The original Doom. I'll always remember that game as it set me on a path of FPS love. 1993 was a great year in my life!

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