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I just won a game and didn't get any SR. It instead after the game said I won placement match for some reason. Although I've been placed since early this season.
this happend to me and its happing to other people
Ive won 3 games and no SR gain too
I lost and didnt lose any elo
I'm stuck on my 9th placement match despite playing 3 more after the 9th. It isnt registering my wins or losses at all after 9 placements.
I played 2 won one and lost one, I got no sr on win but lost 23 sr on lost game, Xbox one
it happened to me and a friend of mine too. We played 4 matches this night and we won 3 of them, we didn't have any SR, it was a waste of time, i hope we can have our SR back.
I won 200 games straight in comp and didn't receive my points. blizz plz! you owe me 4000 sr!
On PC, I've been playing my placement matches, it is only registering the losses. 3 wins not registered, 2 losses did register.
this happened to me in regular competitive
I would've gotten like 80 sr
I'm going to piggyback off this thread since there are already a few comments in here confirming that this isn't an isolated issue. This just happened in a game that I was playing and I happened to be recording, so I uploaded a video of the glitch here:

You can see the glitch at 23:31. Btw, I just uploaded the video, so it only shows up at 360p right now. It should be available at 720p in a few minutes.
happening to me with lucioball comp 2
Blizzard is aware of the ranking issues in both Competitive Play modes. I strongly recommend avoiding both Competitive Play modes until Blizzard releases a fix. Follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for Updates.

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