Can't rejoin the match after disconnected

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I just experienced this issue and there is a video uploaded on the Youtube. I was playing on the JP server.

As the match begins I am suddenly disconnected from the server and "REJOIN MATCH" button doesn't do anything at all while I click the button so many times.

Although it still presents the REJOIN MATCH button my rate on the status is penalized I lost 50. This is like I was forcibly kicked out of the server for cheating but I was just playing nicely (I won twice and this is the third match in my day).

I ask you Blizzard for two things:

1. Explain why this happens. My internet is good enough because I am using optical fiber and it usually speeds more than 100Mb as throughput and less than 10ms as ping. So I think the issue is on your side.
2. Fix this problem soon. This issue may relate to the issue JP server hasn't been existing for recent two weeks ( The JP server is back today and that's the reason I am back to OW. I am suspicious that Blizzard is hiding something about the stability of the JP server.
This is exactly what happened to me and they said I was penalized for being a leaver and there was nothing the game masters could do. They immediately closed my ticket and told me to go to the forums.
Today I've experienced this issue again. There is a video as well:

I was playing in JP server. What's happening and why Blizzard doesn't fix this crazy-anal bug? You should fix this ASAP.
Yes this is a render error. Very common but not address effectively.
08/26/2017 08:13 AMPosted by Azurewraith
Yes this is a render error. Very common but not address effectively.

How do you think this is the rendering error?
Because widowmaker is still moving after I was kicked out of the match, I don't think it's about rendering but networking. Only my connection is denied although my duo friend is connected and still in the match. He told me he has experienced this issue the day before too. So the connection quality isn't the trigger but my idea is OW server kicks players randomly at some trigger (e.g. running out of some resource like connection pool)

Is there any workaround to this issue?
My other friend told me that this problem remains since the first season. If it's hard to fix soon, Blizzard should announce some workaround if exists.

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