McCrees ult has great potencial...

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The only thing you have to do is
Pay attention to when....
Pharah has rocket boost
-Doomfist has his ult
-Sombra has her ult, or her trans, or hack, or emp and is next to you
-Tracer has her blinks, or recall
-Soldier sprints away
-McCree stuns you
-Genji has his deflect, or dash, or wall climb
-Reaper has his shadow step, or his wraithform
-widow looks in your direction, or has ghook
-Torb has his turret
-Hanzo climbs away, or has scatter, or just luck shots you
-mei has ice wall, or ice block
-Junkrat has his mine, or his mine
-Bastian looks in your direction
-Winstons shield broke, or he jumps away
-Reins shield broke
-Orisa has her shield on cooldown
-DVas DM is up
-Zarya has her shields
-Roadhog has his breather
-Mercy has GA on cooldown
-Ana has sleep on cooldown
-Zen has his ult, or insta kills you
Or Symmetra has her shield.

I get it that his ult was buffed so it loads faster in the first second but if you compare it to other offense dps ults the enemies have enouhg time to shut you down and most of the time only one person alone has to do a wall or a winston bubble, deflect or DM.

It has great potencial in bronze

This post is no hate or something and I am not bagging for changes. I just wanted to make fun of McCree. Have a nice day guys.

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