why do people try to back cap

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so that someone can say "c9."
Often times a diversion is all you need.
i Just pulled a c9 (enemy team c9ed) last match capping as lucio since my team wouldn’t spawn in time. Giving us a chance to get a victory instead of a draw. And we won (This occurred on the cp on eichenwalde).
I've successfully FRONT capped by myself, as Zenyatta. Sometimes the enemy team is just clueless. I also once pushed the payload halfway to its checkpoint as Genji all by myself, because the enemy team was so busy spawn-camping my teammates that they didn't even notice I'd snuck behind them and gotten onto it.

As others have said, though, even when the teams are maintaining basic awareness, back-capping tends to cause the defending team to split up, panic, and throw positioning and coordination to the wind.
It doesn't "work" but somebody has to stop you from doing it.

You're forcing the enemy team to either backoff the frontline or risk a 1v1 that, if lost, could potentially be much more disastrous than the team simply falling back.
Whenever I go sombra I try to back cap. It's an easy way to break a choke ya know? They don't know who's back there so a few break off making it easier for a team to break the choke. Plus sometimes some how you end up capping by yourself.
maybe because in reality it does work and you are just wrong? lol
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