The Flanker problem/FB shouldnt be a projektile

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Isnt McCree meant to be an antiflanker? Isnt he meant to be a hardcounter to flankers? First of all this is not a "Blizzard you should do that" post, I am just asking for your honest opinions.

In my opinion heroes who are stupid enough to get into the effective range of their hardcounters should be punished. Like a McCree should be death when trying to kill widowmaker in a long range fight, a Genji who is trying to go for the Mei kill or a Tank who is trying to 1v1 a Reaper. It doenst work for them if the skill is equal and thats how it should be. But why is someone like Genji (a flanker) not punished when going in McCrees (antiflanker) Flashbang range? Isn't it already bad enough that he and Tracer can dodge the single flashbang that he has with 3 blinks, 1 recall, a dash or a double jump? Why is McCree just a joke for all Genjis who encounter them when he should be a fear instead? In my opinion we should change McCrees Flashbang in anyway that it becomes something like Mei freezing secondary fire. It should no longer be a projektile and it should no longer be a joke. It is the same with Tracer it happens so often that I see a McCree (while playing Tracer) and I am too aggresive and get flashbanged. But instead of beeing dead what I would deserve, I am stunned in my "after blink position" because the FB didnt work right.

I play not only McCree or Tracer. I played a lot of Mercy or Reinhardt too in the previous seasons, but I am playing in a squad with friends most of the time and I am the best damage dealer of our group so DPS is my job. I know hoe it feels to play each class and I am not a solo playing insta picking DPS main so please dont comment that I am a salty DPS player who does not know how to do my job.

Again I am not angry or something this is just a thought that would give McCree his role back and stop all the "Genji/Tracer is OP" posts.

What is your opinion about this?

Like if you share my opinion.

Important edit: I am a console player where aiming characters in general are a bit weaker than on pc so if McCree is fine against flankers on PC and Genjis or Tracers are not damn hard to kill comment this below. This post is esspecilly meant for console because I dont know how pc overwatch feels like.
No reaction alt all...?! Guess I have to reupload this at a better time.
FB is not very useful, but it's taking 50 damage per second from Tracer or Genji shooting from 30 meters away what makes McCree less than ideal counter. McCree is too slow and large, especially with his hat being part of critical damage zone.

McCree with Widowmaker's hitbox would be top tier DPS.

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