RIP Tire is far too strong now

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09/03/2017 10:57 AMPosted by Kiyomi
lol in comp as hanzo shooted down that tire 3 times

Kinda odd considering you haven't played Hanzo at all in comp this season.
09/03/2017 10:58 AMPosted by TeddyBare
09/03/2017 08:58 AMPosted by Phillip

Double concussion mine is not fine. As someone posted in a topic I read yesterday, the problem with 2 concussion mines is that there's no "tell".

With other characters in the game, there's a sign that they've used their special ability and it's safe to attack, e.g., Zarya bubbles, Mei walls, Hog hooks, Mccree Flashbangs, etc. The only exception is Tracer, but since it's only a short range movement ability, it's not unfair to hide her cooldowns from the opponent.

With Junkrat though you have no idea if he's holding onto that second mine. Is it safe to approach? Who knows. Just toss a coin and hope he used it already.

Terrible balance decision. Like I said, they're not even playing their own game anymore.

I'm calling Bullshenanigans on this one....almost none of the things you referenced have a "tell", certainly not to the point that you can tell if they've used them or not at quick glance. Zarya's bubble, well ok, you can obviously tell if it's around her or not; but that being said, there's no way to tell if the ability is available or not unless you just saw it used. Same for Mei's walls. RH's hook and McCree's flashbangs though, unless you just saw them used, you have no idea if they are "up" (able to be used) or not. So why should you be able to tell w/ JR's mine?

Not only that, but when the mine (and trap for that matter) are placed on an object or terrain, it has a BIG, BRIGHT, PULSING CIRCLE (or strip in the case of the trap) of neon colored light. What more of a "tell" do you need?

Double concussion mine is fine, JR needed some one on one, <mid-range, help, and he got it.

As for the RIP Tire....of course it shouldn't be able to fly across the skybox, and I'm down w/ a "climb" timer, as long as it was somewhat reasonable, like 5secs maybe (1/2 it's total duration)? That seems reasonable to me. The speed issue though....I'm sorry but it was way too easy to shoot that piece dead. Idk that it's too difficult now b/c w/e I hear JR yell out his "warning", I listen and go in the total opposite direction, away from the crowd; but I will readily agree that if it can't be stopped anymore, then they need to tone it down a bit. Every Ult needs to be able to be countered.

This is also ignoring the fact that you just in general shouldn't be getting that close to Junkrat on purpose. Up close is where his damage gets really consistent. Even without his mines.
he does get it really fast
just sayin
Let's rewind back a month or two, RIP tire was way too easy to avoid, kill almost a joke for an ultimate!
It is not.

i can still one-shot it out of existence as Widow as soon as it enters my field of view. Soldiers can destroy it incredibly easy as well.

How dishonest must you be to say 'it has no counterplay'?
The Tire has very low health, and a rather forgivable hitbox, its harder to hit a Lucio on speed boost then the new Tire, its the ONLY ultimate every single character can completely shut down granted they hit it, you don't need a special skill like Wraith Form or Defense matrix to deny it, your regular weapons(your quick melee even if the Junkrat is greedy/oblivious) can shut the Tire down, and it also leaves the caster open to be assassinated while its roaming around, with these much drawbacks, it deserves a little omph.

This Ultimate was always VERY lack luster, now it actually works and is not as laughably easy to avoid. But it still has its major weaknesses.

i also saw someone complaining that they saw a RIP tire going up in the sky and hitting a she got a counter meassure, she isn't immune to RIP Tire just for flying...and you know, isn't Pharah that character people are always trying to kill?
09/03/2017 11:09 AMPosted by TenNoOkami
Soldiers can destroy it incredibly easy as well.

If it's flying at you, sure. If the Junkrat does it right, no. I've heard from Soldier players high on ladder (Jake from team USA, Emongg formerly of Selfless) that it's basically impossible to shoot when done right. I've seen scrims of tier 2 teams on Eichenwalde running Junkrat and the hitscan was never able to kill the tire. Also Junkrat is of course with his team, so it obviously wasn't a "free kill."

The way to abuse the current RIP Tire is to run it up the highest wall, jump it off, and fly it into the team. This way, it goes near-silent, goes faster, and it can be steered mid-air.
What if killing Junkrat also stopped RIP Tire?
imo that'd be a lot of fun, both as Junkrat and as the enemy team. As Junkrat, it would require coordination with your team to protect you while you use RIP Tire, and as the enemy team it would give you another counter-play option. Imagine the hero plays that could happen as the RIP Tire flies to the background, but the Genji found Junkrat and saved his team before he could detonate it.
09/03/2017 10:45 AMPosted by Boss182
09/03/2017 12:52 AMPosted by Darien

Every ultimate needs to have counter play. There is basically no chance of shutting it down with the current stats unless the Junkrat is brain dead.
So are you going to ignore Soldier's, Hanzo's, and Ana's Ultimate

Are you going to ignore how dumb your argument is?

Even if those things have no counter play (which they do), the fact that other problems exist is not a good justification for fixing something.

Soldier: Kill the Soldier, because if he can shoot you, you can shoot him. Moving behind an object will prevent any damage because he has to be in Line of Sight to shoot things. Barriers or Defense Matrix stop his shots.

Hanzo: The arrow can be deflected or eaten by Defense Matrix before it becomes a dragon. The dragon is relatively slow and moving perpendicular to it allows you to take zero damage.

Ana: CC the target. Despite taking less damage, focused fire will still kill it pretty easily.

With unlimited wall climb and ludicrous speed, the Rip Tire can come from any direction. Though it can be killed, you are unlikely to find it in time to do so.

"Just kill it" is an argument used by god awful Junkrats who run it straight at you along the ground. This gif ( shows how it can attack from any angle, despite Junkrat being safe in spawn. This is not even a particularly good map for this sort of thing.
Actually his ult does need to be nerfed. Now that it is a lot more reliable, they need to nerf the charge rate. He gets it way too often.

*Are you !@#$ing serious with the downvotes? His crazy spam damage means he gets his Ult almost just as fast a Sombra. With the new buffs his ult is just as effective as Death Blossom or Rocket Barrage and charges way faster. I'm glad Junkrat is actually viable now, but be reasonable.

Charge required
1250 points

Charge required
1575 points

Charge required
1850 points

Death Blossom
Charge required
1850 points
I personally don't have a problem with it maybe because I main Roadhog and can shrug it off.
Mine damage needs to be cut asap.
09/03/2017 08:39 AMPosted by Lake
Agreed with Darien, nerf speed to +20% the original speed, bring back the wall climb limit but make it 4s or something that allows it to climb most of the normal walls, but not ride up the walls touching the sky box.

As a Soldier player, it's impossible to shoot, and I can only imagine even lower down the ladder how much harder it is for them, or for console players.

Funny...I have gold soldiers take it out all the time. Just one helix shot. Maybe you're just bad?
09/03/2017 07:34 PMPosted by Lake
What if killing Junkrat also stopped RIP Tire?

The problem with that is that Junkrat isn't actually controlling it. He is just standing there shaking with anticipation and waiting for an explosion. The reason that players control the Tire is because that makes it easier to code. It is the only player controlled ult that is separate from its caster.

As for the lack of a "tell", here is your tell. Don't get close to a Junkrat. There I told you.
It's ridiculous. Blizzard obviously didn't play test that one very much. RIP tire is way too overpowered. Just remove the 30% speed and make it what it was. RIP tire was fine before -- they buffed other parts of his kit.
If you spread out while you know the RIP-Tire is still in play, it is literally impossible for Junkrat to kill more than one person with it, no matter what he does.

That's right, for you to largely negate the impact of his ultimate, all you have to do is not stand clumped up together.

If you're stuck together because you're caught in somebody else's ultimate, well, that's the entire point of stacking ultimates.
The tire is broken OP because of the speed. I have already seen players figure out exploit spots on maps that launch the tire insanely high into the air and land it right on the team.

The speed itself is a bit much, but it should not be able to get as much airtime as it does right now. Tire needs to be heavier.
All the downvotes, haha.

This forum really is 90% bronze division Junkrat mains.

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