Client crashes while loading any map

PTR Bug Report
I played one game in Quick Play after waiting in the 1000-player queue. The map was Route 66 and it went smoothly. Now, however, the client crashes every single time it tries to load a map when joining a Quick Play game.

Is anybody else experiencing this currently?

08/24/2017 05:46 PMPosted by Insane101X
Has anyone tried restarting their computer? I think it may have worked for me. I was able to get on practice range and play Annubis.

I will do this when I get home and see if it works. Hopefully it will help others who are still having issues getting into games.
Supposedly 'Scan and Repair' does not solve the problem.
The maps that have crashed so far are:

Temple of Anubis

EDIT: Apparently everything is broken except for Skirmish.
Same for me. I messed around in training mode, and did 1 game in Quick Play (temple of anubis) and now it crashes every time it trys to load another quickplay map.
Just crashed for me, too. Horizon and Volskaya. Seems to be a major issue.
It even crashes in the training map
Same here. Can't even load practice range.
same here, horizon, hollywood, and route 66
Mine crushes everywhere even in training mode WTF!
Training map crashes for me, tried joining custom games but THAT failed as well, rip ptr right now
Any time a map is loaded it crashes. >_> The one time I want to actually go onto the PTR it's been broken for hours lol
My latest attempt out of five actually made it to the character selection screen before crashing!

Spectating matches (even while waiting to join) surprisingly does not trigger a crash.
Doesnt crash on skirmish , but crashes when the true game starts
training room doesnt work and also quick play
any map, any game type. all crashes :(
Must have done some serverside hotfix recently that screwed everything up.
Game continues to crash.
still crashing :v
Same here, any time I'm loading into any map (QP, Custom, Training).

Last crash report was: 7DDAA098-A5BE-4697-8A8A-AFC8D7152127
My friend was able to successfully play a full game on Hollywood after crashing twice from Anubis and Numbani. Not sure what the odds are for that.

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