Is Overwatch just poorly optimized for AMD Ryzen?

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For the past couple of weeks I've been struggling to hit a consistent 144 frames with my Ryzen 5 1600/RX 580 rig. After hours of testing I've recently discovered that my CPU is the bottleneck here, with my game struggling to get past 90 frames in intense teamfights no matter how low I set the video settings and resolution. Even after performing a selective startup and disabling all background applications, my PC struggles to hit the desired 144 frames with Overwatch alone consuming 90-100% of my CPU:

I've done everything from disabling X-Box DVR and other bothersome MIcrosoft services, updating my BIOS/Drivers, overclocking both CPU and GPU. Absolutely nothing seems to be making a difference in my framerate. Which leads me to conclude that that this game is simply not optimized for AMD Ryzen.

If I am wrong (which I hoping I am), what other things can I do to deal with these CPU related issues? Everytime I play with all other 11 players in my view, my framerate drops and my input lag becomes inconsistent. This issue may sound very minor as I'm still hitting 90 frames but it becomes extremely frustrating as playing DPS is a lot less enjoyable with Widowmaker specifically becoming nearly unplayable. Will framerate optimization updates be coming to Overwatch for Ryzen users?
Did you do a complete RE-INSTALL of windows.. because according to that image, you only have 3 of your core out of a total of 6.... quite literally HALF of your cpu is being used which would explain the situation as you should be seeing somewhere in the realm of about 50% cpu usage with peaks of 75-80% @ 144fps.

I've dealt with FAR too many people that have build a new system and simply moved their old data or even the drive from their older system and plugged it into the new and didn't perform a complete clean reinstall.. and even when they do a "refresh" install.. it still isn't as good as clean installs.

However to me, showing only 3 cores out of the 6 being active, would indicate a bios setting has been enabled that disables one of the CCX's.... there are 2 CCXs on the ryzen cpus.... there are options to disable one for diagnostic/fail safe or legacy support modes... double check your bios.

Essentially as you are, your running a lower cpu version than even a Ryzen 1200 arguably. You SHOULD see on a 1600 a total of 6 Cores and 12 Thread (it'll appear in that same portion of task manager as 6 cores and 12 logical processors)... at this point you should see essentially a full 2x the performance immediately.
Do you have an AMD Graphics card? there's a known issue with the latest driver in this particular game. Try rolling back to 17.7.1 for the time being if that is your case.

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