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So, my season 6 has had a really nice start, what about you guys?
A thing I've noticed, is that people are really laid back. I even had an attack bastion yesterday and everyone was just being like "Sure dude, have fun." (We won btw.)
Also, I've won a lot. I've played around 15 games and won 12, lost two and drawed one.

Hopefully my lucky streak doesn't run out.
I haven't finished them yet but ive done 5. Ive won 3. Mainly as Sombra ^^
I have only done my placements so far and 9/10 were fine some less than ideal comps some people who complain a little too much but in general it's been pretty good.

But the last game, I think I was grouped with a 5 stack of derankers the lineup was Dva, Mercy, Ana, S76 & Hanzo so I took Rein think we would take a solid slow push onto the point at least Hanzos scatter guarantees a kill.

My plan fell apart almost immediately S76 sprinted ahead of me and died to a Genji my team ignored this and carried on forward so I got in front into a choke point and guess what people ran through the shield into Junkrat grenades again and again first round over I have gold objective kills and silver elims.

On defense I figured I'd take S76 instead since clearly the dps are either throwing or have never played the game before this round lasted maybe 1 min first push I demeched the Dva and killed Mercy then died and we lost.

At the end I had gold damage, obj kills and silver elims from one round on Rein and two kills on S76, there is no way a 5 stack can be that bad so again my first ever encounter with a group of derankers.
Its ben terrible, this morning I keep getting teamed up with a griefer that does nothing at all the whole game. Just being team up with him just steal my will to play any good at all.
worst season by far, like 7/10 of my placement games were all instalock worthless DPS'ers and i was the only one who bothered to switch to something, lost all of them. Then i teamed up with my friends and won the rest, still landed above my last season ending rating so i dunno. Everyone is even more toxic than me, NONE of these instalock-DPS are ANY good at all, and if you ask them to switch or let you try DPS, they tilt and go bastion and afk outside of spawn. BUT YES DONT BAN ANYONE BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE MEAN AMIRITE BLIZZARD :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
It's been soooo much fun playing DVA with 5 insta locked DPS.....

On my main account I did my placements on the first evening of the Season. Went 9W 1L, games were pretty even and I performed well.

Then the next morning I did placements for my alt account. Went like 2W 7L.
Played both accounts for the rest of the weekend and it was a complete disaster. Just TURRIBLE haha. It was like everyone forgot how to use comms, nobody was grouping up, lots of brutal team comps, nobody was switching.

By Monday evening both accounts were doing better, the other players and the games seemed a lot better. Better comms, better grouping, better comps.

I think someone pointed out that everyone that was banned from last season would have returned this weekend....and yeah...there might be some truth to that.
Been good gained sr from placements
It's been a little more toxic than previous seasons but it's been fine. The insane influx of DPS only players is pretty annoying but you continue climbing if you play well right?

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