Has anyone actually climbed?

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I'm curious if anyone placed in bronze.
Got better at the game.
Then climbed to gold.

I know platinum and above players can easily climb out of bronze, but I'm wondering if it's possible for gold players.
I got to Gold from Bronze last night, it can be done but i found it to only be possible playing a tank (D.Va)
08/20/2017 06:10 AMPosted by LazyLizard
I got to Gold from Bronze last night, it can be done but i found it to only be possible playing a tank (D.Va)

But would you say your skill level is around gold? Or are you way higher than that?
My low season 2 was about 600 SR. My high this season is 1972, and currently I'm in the 1800s. Others have done better. Others have done worse. Generally you only climb really fast if you were badly misplaced to begin with (either intentionally or otherwise), or are borrowing someone else's account.
Placed in silver this season and dropped to bronze early on. Now in Platinum. Mainly played Zen and Tracer and I feel I drastically improved my skill at the game throughout the season. Basically the only way to do it is to improve as a player by analyzing gameplay and watching others.
Matchmaking is too random to climb, I've played against platinum reins that play better than gm reins, yet on my team I'd have masters who play worse than most golds.

An mmr reset wouldn't be the worst thing to happen at this point.
yeah I placed in bronze s3, not really used to shooters then I am still not very good and I got to plat this season.

honestly though getting out of bronze and silver was a cakewalk, the standard of play in bronze is very poor, silver players are starting to get good but they are definitely worse than gold. getting into plat was harder for me plat was my Everest I was not expecting to conquer it. I now want to get to master or GM which will be my Olympus Mons I will get there it will just take a little time. Not bad for a guy who can't tell left from right or tie my shoe laces.
Yes. Gold players can climb out of Bronze. Not as easy as a plat could, but still can climb out. If they can't climb out, they're probably not a gold player to begin with, just perceived to be a gold player when reality aren't.
Started playing the game last season. Placed in bronze got to gold but couldn't get out of it. This season I'm high plat.
Almost anyone can get out of bronze if you put your mind to it you can archive just about anything. have you got a good PC, monitor and mouse?
I initially placed 2400, I'm now almost at 3300. But I've been playing not only this game but shooters for a very long time.

I have a somewhat lower sensitivity but larger mousepad so I aim more with my arm than my wrist (6 sensitivity on 1000 DPI mouse).

I have enough deskspace for my mousepad so that I can use the whole thing (mousepad is 11"x13", and have a bit more room than that for the wire and my arm)

I use a 144hz monitor and I make sure I can always hit 144 FPS in every team fight (so a lot of things I run at low even though I have a GTX 1070). Otherwise I don't think it would be possible to aim well with Tracer with the limited FOV in this game since it's very difficult to keep track of movement when you're point blank and have to track perfectly, and of course it helps tremendously with reaction time when playing Ana and DVa.

I turn on reduce input buffering and turn off things like reflections and vsync so I have no mouse lag (when your aim feels floaty or lags behind your movements). It's also important to maintain high stable framerate to avoid inconsistent input delay which makes it even harder to aim.

I always, always always use headphones and use in-game sound with music very very quiet. The sound design in this game is essentially wallhacks. With enough practice you can pinpoint where people are even if they're behind you and off to an angle, and every hero has very very unique sound effects where you can identify who is behind a wall instantly.

Other than that, just focusing on improving rather than mindlessly grinding matches will take you very far. If you can record your own matches and re-watch them so you can catch your own mistakes, that's even better.
started 43 then 1800sr last year as my 1st FPS.
Improvemnt was gradualy about 1 divison per season. Now casually low diamond
I climbed from Bronze (Season 2) to Diamond (Season 5).

But my story is not that "i climbed playing this hero", it's more "i climbed playing the hero my team needed". At least that's the mentality I had.

In the end, what matters most for climbing (gaining SR) is that your team wins the match. This should be obvious, but for some reason it isn't the advice you'll hear often.

imo, my skill level is probably more of a high-gold player. :/
I have climbed from Bronze to Diamond on my other account since Season 2.
Don't let my rank fool you, I was once a low bronze, I didn't know how to play this game, I thought I was the best Genji in bronze LMAO it was a fun time and I do remember playing like Hellen Keller; Deaf and Blind, but a god named shoe changed my life forever when he taught me that ELO Hell was just a mindset, told me to improve and I eventually reached plat, diamond, and so on,
Duo - Que Style.

I'm now an Ex-GM who hasn't played in a month so I'm just farming kills in Low - Diamond/High - Plat. Bronze should never give hope, It should tell you to GTFO out of that rank and push for that 20 - 30 SR you get from winning!

A Good Tip, When someone (it could be you) says that their team sucks or the team was dragging them down, what he's really saying is, "I'm too incompetent to know that I'm part of the team so I suck just as much...

GLHF in Comp, Don't BM Peeps Down there it's worse in Plat.
08/20/2017 03:55 AMPosted by Cheesecake
I'm curious if anyone placed in bronze.
Got better at the game.
Then climbed to gold.

I know platinum and above players can easily climb out of bronze, but I'm wondering if it's possible for gold players.

If you wanna get boosted friend me; HollowBastin#1481, I do it for free cause I honestly want to play with my low bronze friends who just bought the game...
In Season 2 i got placed in Gold. I spent the next 2 seasons after season 2 getting placed in silver and barely making it back to gold. This season I got placed in high bronze. I managed to climb back into gold before falling a bit again. If you play what you know you will climb. If you have a good game with a team stay as a team or at least add a couple of them and it will make it a lot easier to climb.
Gold no. High Silver? Yes. Silver is pretty rough to get past.
I have had some bad luck since, but I did finally get Masters this season.
i started at 1800 this season got up to 2200, you move up when you get better if you dont get better and blame your teammates then you will continue to stay where you are.

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