Unregistered icicle shots

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Unregistered shots.
Hello so I've been playing a lot Mei lately and I've noticed something really strange the other day in a POTG clip I had as Mei. Now this has happened to me a lot more often since noticing this but whenever you are using the alternative fire (icicle shot) for some reason especially on heroes like lucio and tracer the icicle will hit them and make an impact but no damage was received. The animation just looks like the icicle hit and turned to snow (poof). Is this something to do with my connection or a bug cause it's a little frustrating? Thanks for any help. Have an A-MEI-ZING Day!
Overwatch for a very long time depending on your connection and the other players connection will show impact.... even pop their health up and yet receive 0 damage. This isn't limited to Mei, this is all heroes. Having been fighting with this problem where the impact sound is made, even when a headshot sound is made and then the player showing 0 damage even with their health showing up occasionally gets really frustrating, specially after multiple back to back impacts with 0 damage.

This is the cases in which i've went back through a video i had recorded of a match, and out of the number of shots fired and showing impact/sound effects and all, but 0 damage, that less than 30% of the impacts actually registered any damage at all, the other 70% or so were completely unregistered, completely ignored.

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