New Mercy is A-MEI-ZING

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This is coming from a dedicated Mercy hater. The fact that her gameplay was all about holding LMB and playing hide'n'seek made me hate her. I thought she was a crutch for people don't have the necessary mechanics and cooldown management.

But now? Rez is on a 30S cooldown which is, believe it or not, A VERY LONG TIME in this game. It doesn't give invulnerability, and is good for denying opening picks, but at the same time it's extremely risky to try and Rez a teammate who overextended and died close to the enemy team. You can chain Rezes with Valkyrie, but that promotes skillful play and on the go decision making (remember, 5m range) and it involves you being ACTIVE in the teamfight, rather than hiding. You can't undo 4-5 man wipes anymore, so no more CTRL-Z.

The flying part is the most satisfying part of her new ult. You can decide do you want to be a "budget" Zen/Orisa or you can pull out your pistol and blow some heads off. Again, an ACTIVE, FUN playstyle. ATM, NanoMercy is a legit strat, and if you don't have a support ult or Visor to counter it - well then... I know you guys didn't intend this, but I'd love to at least try this on live in competitive environment.

Anyway - out of all reworks, I'm most amazed by this one. You managed to turn a boring, one-dimensional hero into a fun, engaging and rewarding to play.

Good job Blizz!

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