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For the past 5 games, its just been loss after loss after loss, at this point im going to drop down a rank. I always have gold medals on my team, but I dont understand. Is the enemy team just WAAAYY better or is it that my team and I arent good enough. This is all in the same rank too, so???

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Do you record your matches? I do. I use my recordings to go back and review my gameplay. I make a note of every mistake I made. Medals DO NOT describe the conditions of the team fights and the coordination of teamwork. It is actually very easily to snag most of the damage/kill medals if you are not coordinated with your team.

Key questions to ask:

  • Are you retreating grouping up when a team fight is lost? This is the biggest mistake in the majority of the community makes.
  • If playing a DPS, is your kill death ratio in the positive?
  • When the game concludes are you checking your post-game stats? Compare them to your averages to ensure they are being improved upon.

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