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09/02/2017 05:12 AMPosted by FilthyCasual
09/02/2017 04:41 AMPosted by GalbaKor
Instead of Genji changes, there should be Hanzo changes or a rework etc.
Speaking of defense, I believe Bastion ATM need another buff/significant change.
Torb probably need some minor and QoL buffs about his defensive ability like armor pack and repairing ability.
These two are having much more problems than Hanjo IMO.
Not sure about Mei, she probably need some little help as well.

Bastion can be fixed by giving him more damage resistance in his ultimate form, slightly smaller hitbox in recon and giving him a 1.5 or normal headshot modifier in his turret form (it starts with max spread anyway and does very little damage at 20+m range to anything that isn't a tank)

Torb could probably do with having his turret auto repair itself if it doesn't take damage for say 4 seconds or something; this would let him be a bit more independent from his turret. Also having it auto build into level 2 over the course of 6 seconds, sped up by his hammer hits, could make him a lot better at setting up new turrets.

Mei is a weird one because the strongest part of her kit is the ability to create new terrain on the map which makes her a really niche pick. Against dive, she could do nothing because every can just jump over the wall or escape her range; with dive declining, she might see a bit more use.

Hanzo needs his projectile speed to be increased to more conistently hit targets; his arrow hitbox could be reduced slightly to make up for it and force players to be more accurate with him; harder to spam with a smaller hitbox yet you would be rewarded for accuracy. His sonic cooldown is really long and the uptime is 12 seconds out of 20, his scatter cooldown is the longest cooldown one shot that I know of (bar ults) and is still unreliable and universally hated, but necessary for him to deal damage.
09/01/2017 10:03 PMPosted by MegaMilk
I wouldn't be too worried, Blizzard seems to have learned their lesson from Roadhog, hence why none of the current DPS have been nerfed and only buffed, like widow and junkrat.

Widow needed a buff for sure, Im asking myself HOW THE FK DID I PLAY WITH 12 CD ON HOOK?!?!?!?!

Junkrat idk, we need to test, it seems fine for me now, at least more people pick the hero now.

Genji deflect hitbox is ridiculous, u miss to aim on him and u die to it.. its ridiculous.
Blizzard nerfed Roadhog cause it was a 1 hitting machine with 600 hp. I dont think its fair to have a tank with the ability to 1 hit, otherwise why would u play DPS with 200 hp?!
the dmg nerf was needed but guess what? Blizzard made Roadhog harder to kill, he works as a tank right now, and thats his job in the game.
Deflect hitbox should have been reduced since launch day.
09/01/2017 10:52 PMPosted by Drak
09/01/2017 10:48 PMPosted by FilthyCasual
1. Deflect hitbox reduced, as it works as a protection to his allies.
2. Ult meter drained the second he press Q.

These are all I asked for about Genji, and these don't make Genji weaker, just more rewarding for his foe. I'm not even complaining the infamous hitbox of his dash and blade LOL
And as always, bug should be fixed, but it is something that BLZ did extremely bad in this game.

His sheathing time takes longer than most characters, so he deserves to keep his ult..... Any character for that matter should be given a window of time where they have a shot at something with their ult, if they lose it, they were too slow and the window shut.

Why though? If you press Q then you should be committed to using it. If you die then that means you used it at a wrong time.

Junk doesn't get a refund even when he's unable to move the tire...

09/01/2017 11:02 PMPosted by SenseiSensei
Don't really want major changes, just want his hitboxes fixed. That's Deflect, Dragonblade, and Swift Strike because right now they're kinda ridiculous

And no I don't think you should get a window when you ult before you lose it. Once you hit Q you should be all in. It's your own damn fault if you ult at the wrong time and die mid animation and you should be punished for it.

I agree 100%.

09/01/2017 11:18 PMPosted by Ryan
You have 80 hours on Genji. The only people who don't want him nerfed are the Genji players lol...

Most people that suggest changes on heroes don't even play them (see: Mercy, D.Va, Road). They don't know what they're talking about, and whenever someone more experienced than them posts something they pull out the "BIASED!!1!!1!" card like it somehow invalidates their argument...

If anything we should be listening to X mains the most when discussing X hero, because they are the ones that know their hero better than anyone else and knows what's good and bad for them (again, Road and D.Va are great examples of people being shrugged off as "bias" and then ending up being right).

Also, I only have 3h of Genji in comp, and 60h on Mercy with a fair amount of them in comp. I know what it's like to be hunted by Genji all game, I know what it's like to be the first target for Dblade, I know what it's like to be on BOTH ends of any interaction involving him. Just a few days ago I played a game on Nepal (QP) and Genji would hunt me down as Mercy incredibly hard, so I KNOW how it frustrates other people. But that's his JOB, to be annoying and focus key targets.

I'm not trying to "keep him broken for ez SR or anything", I don't want him to be gutted like other heroes (e.g. Road) and made unfun because of suggestions made by people thay quite frankly don't know what they're talking about (as in, those that suggest major reworks or changed; bugfixes and tweaks don't count and you could make thosr arguments for any hero if you wanted to).

09/01/2017 11:20 PMPosted by MagicMarky
They called to nerf my old mains, dva and mercy.

Its the DPS' turn. What goes around comes around weebs! :P

I'm a Mercy main too, I dislike her change greatly but it's 100% a buff. An annoying one that changes her playstyle after a whole year, but still a buff.

You can't just promote balancing out of spite, because that's, well, spiteful. Not all DPS players wanted those characters gutted, the ones that were fine with them just never spoke about it before because they had no reason to (whereas those that complain have a reason to make threads and posts).

09/01/2017 11:29 PMPosted by Engi3
I don't understand why people want to nerf shuriken damage. It's a projectile and a weak one DPS wise.

I can understand drop-off at long ranges to stop ult farming (personal opinion) but I've read a while back that shuriken damage should be decreased to 24...
09/02/2017 01:42 AMPosted by MegaMilk

Too easy in silver omegalul

The op claims to have played genji for 3 hours in comp, 60 hours of mercy running from genji in comp.

I have maximum 64 elims as genji in competitive, you have 61. I bet 1v1 I'm better than you. Who's to say though you're the one trash talking me and implying genji isn't going to get changed because he is balanced. I know I'd do just as good if not better if he got the nerfs he needs. Maybe you're one of the people who only gets away with playing genji because he is overtuned.

edit: Let's not forget too, op is the one suggesting radical changes like damage drop off and weird changes to his core mechanics. I just think he needs a smaller hitbox on his deflect/dragonblade/swift strike + a fixed wall climb. This is truly fair enough as those hitboxes are way too big and for a good genji that knows when to dragonblade, mercy has no chance. Dash > DB > Slash > Dash = dead mercy every time. It's impossible to fail with enough experience and I think that's a problem. The hitboxes are MASSIVE. 25 foot energy katana, and his wakizashi for swift strike feels like it is 25 feet long too. This doesn't even make sense because at least the dragonblade is a spirit dragon enhanced attack with a katana, his swift strike uses a wakizashi. It doesn't make any sense that the hitbox should be even close but maybe it is even larger.

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