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Apart from 1v1, it's my most reliable and fun Arcade mode. Adding Match chat to it would make it a million times better IMO because everybody's chill.

Please Team 4, you did promise it would always be in Arcade - and for anybody saying "just make a Custom game" I've got a few things to say to that:

1. Custom Games don't give Loot Box credit.

2. Custom Games have less EXP/time.

3. Custom Games don't have any MM at all. Games can be empty, or too full, or really unbalanced (way more than normal).

4. Custom Games can have weird rules on them, and the creator can enforce by kicking (ie anybody playing Pharah gets kicked, Symmetra is unpickable, there's a 2 hero limit instead of 1)

5. The Game Browser technically isn't part of the Arcade any more, so there's no way to play No Limits within the Arcade anymore, as was promised back last November near Sombra's release and with the addition of hero limits in QP.
Support No Limits!
[Insert Amumu voice line "OK" here]
Have a daily +1 and bump.

I really don't want the original gamemode to sink into obscurity like this.
Yes! No limits was so fun to play, especially with all the fun comps you could pick :)
08/30/2017 04:23 AMPosted by FrostyDog
Support No Limits!

I hate No Limits with a passion, but I fully support it being a standard game mode available at all times for those who enjoy it. It should not be removed, especially given the one hero limit put in place in QP.

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