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I just tried out the Mercy changes in PTR.
There are a few positives with the changes in PTR. I like that she seems to move quicker and the stream is longer. However, I'm a bit confused as to what the ult is useful for. I feel the Valkyrie ultimate has no real big payoff as a player like other ults in the game. I have played Mercy in Comp for three seasons as a support. Very rarely am I ever 'hiding' somewhere to wait for the big Rez. I keep the team healed and when I can rez 2 at least or a tank - I do. That is how she is played. Rez hoarders aren't playing the game right. The flight ability really isn't that exciting for me. Jeff said in his announcement it would make the game play more exciting - I disagree, it doesn't make me want to play her. I was playing Volkskya Industries on Defense, I flew into the ceiling and around the team from above I wasn't sure what to do with the ability or what to focus on. If I want to fly I play Pharah. The ability to do more damage with the pistol encourages the 'Battle Mercy' which isn't her role in the first place. I have only used the pistol to finish off a hero with low health. I feel you have ruined the fun of her. The fun of playing Mercy is being able to keep your team alive in a fight, being aware and playing smart, getting the two hero rez or more. Yet, DPS mains have this false perspective on Mercy that she is a no skill hero. I feel you have appeased the whiny DPS players with these changes and ruined the game experience for Support mains. DPS thinks Mercy 'undoes' all their efforts. TOO BAD. Mercy is part of the game as a healer from the very beginning. This is not a way to encourage Support mains. We get very little SR payoff anyway.
Genuine question- do you feel that the changes impede or improve your ability to act as a healer? That is, if you just damage boost and heal, even during your ultimate, do you think you now do better or worse?

Have you tried the weird chaining I've heard about?
These changes make Mercy a better healer if you ask me. She is no longer dependent on not healing her team and letting them die to have value. So her healing will be up because she will be more engaged and during her ult she will be able to heal even more. If everyone is close to the beam its like a mini-transcendence.
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Mercy changes feedback - from a level 400+ silver Mercy Main who nobody should take seriously
I think you just haven't given it enough time yet. The ability to fly is a huge plus at higher ranks, especially as DPS and other enemy heroes become more aware of your presence and are able to land shots on you a lot more. Having the ability to fly off into the sky and either heal a majority of your team or damage boost them is great. As you mentioned, it even opens up the opportunity to attack the enemy team with an infinite ammo pistol. Her ability to rez individual targets is huge in competitive! Often competitive matches are determined by which team makes the fewest mistakes. Being able to rez a person who poked at the choke before everyone grouped up is a big win, and the fact that activating Valkyrie resets the timer means that I won't have to wait for him to re-spawn before making the next push. Honestly her ult is pretty ridiculous right now as she gets flight, improved healing, decreased rez timer, continuously heals on herself, and an unlimited ammo pistol for a whopping 20 seconds. During those 20 seconds all you have to do is get a single good pick or 2 and the team fight is over.
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