Is it bad to have an ability that can turn back a team wipe?

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08/26/2017 11:58 AMPosted by Billy
08/26/2017 11:55 AMPosted by Reason97
thats not always being outplayed though is it? me and my 6 stack used rez all the time to waste enemy gravs on purpose, march in all neat and orderly on "accident", get graved, watch the enemy use 3-4 ults like the average stupid team will, and then rez it away. thats not being outplayed, thats just flat out being more organized and thoughtful than your opponent

Well even if they knew what you were doing it won't have made any difference. Because either way, your mercy is gonna fly out of nowhere and Rez them, baited graviton or not.

People say "kill Mercy first" yeah well that's not that simple, because like you just proved, a good Mercy will hide.

Again, Resurrect was an ult that encourages your Mercy NOT to be in the teamfight

im the mery for our 6, and i never hide. i hang back behind them: close enough the enemy can see me and think they can catch me in grav, but far enough away that i can avoid the pull. and even then, if the enemy team has an even slightly intelligent mcree or dva, this plan usually falls apart. countering rez isnt about killing mercy, its about being prepared FOR The rez. no one understands that, and thats the ONLY reason rez is as strong as it is
okay so I was on tumblr (big shocker) and I ran across a post that was actually good and i'll quote it all

overwxtches said:
"okay so the first thing i wanna address is people saying the changes were made bc of mercys who hide when they have rez-
because of course they do! they dont want to take a chance of dying with it when theyll need it the most!
like… reapers hide when they have ult so they can flank around and drop behind the enemy team so they can use death blossom and they do this so their ult isnt ruined by people spotting them and running or killing them
ive seen reinhardts hiding behind doors waiting for the enemy team to push in so they can shatter them
junkrats hide themselves away in little cubbies when using their ult so they wont be killed/people wont know for sure where the tires coming from
its called being smart and effective when using your ult,
so yeah, of course a mercy is gonna hang back out of sight when they have rez during a crucial moment in the battle while her team is dying- its not like her ult does any damage. its literally resurrecting her dead teammates.
whats the point of them being in the middle of the fight and taking a chance of dying with rez in overtime, a move that could very well cost their team the game ??
why is hiding when you have your ult okay for like every hero in the game but mercy??"

veuvemaker reblogged and added:
"I’d like to add that if players grouped up more often to attack objectives, mercy wouldn’t have to stay hidden for so long to fly in and use her ultimate anyway since the team would have died together"

and I believe that this is just really relevant?

many different heroes hide when they have ult!

also for Jeff to say it gets erased is just so bizarre cause let's imagine- alright, you use a combo ult to push the point and take it, wipe out most enemy team so that it's hard for them to defend, and you successfully take over the point. Let's say enemy junkrat hid away and has his ult as well and uses it to wipe out the whole enemy team and regain the point after like 3 seconds. I'd consider that "erasure" just as much as mercy's ult.

plus mercy is really easy to kill? so just go hunt her down first?

It's great that mercy wont be as criticized for going 'battle mercy' but it's such a huge change and a whole group of people who main her now have to drastically change how they play her well and then everyone's going to whine about how mercy is a useless healer for a while. This isn't just a little tweak, it's a whole rework.
08/26/2017 11:29 AMPosted by ǶAENOX
When you waste only one ult to counter 1- 6 ults it's bad.

Here's a tip:

08/26/2017 11:42 AMPosted by RAWRlrus
No, its not a bad thing. If there were one or maybe two ults that could cause a team wipe, then yeah. But so many heroes have ways of just getting multikills with one ult, why not have some that can prevent that.

If this is their logic they have to be looking at Lucio and Zenyatta ults next. Mercy's may be more obvious, but they do the same thing.

There's a major difference:

I edited my post slightly. The thing is Mercys Rez is better when she hides. Zenyatta and Lucio both have to be near their teammates for their ults to be worthwhile. The game encourages the Mercy to NOT be there. How is that good game design?

And this is it.

Also, stopdoopy:

It's great that mercy wont be as criticized for going 'battle mercy' but it's such a huge change and a whole group of people who main her now have to drastically change how they play her well and then everyone's going to whine about how mercy is a useless healer for a while. This isn't just a little tweak, it's a whole rework.

Call me when they take 2/3 of your basic heal range. Trust me, you guys came out WAY ahead in this.
The game's going to shift from who can keep the Mercy dead to who can simply build Zarya ult faster while attacking, especially on 2CP.

Res could be annoying, sure, but it kept the power of the rest of the ults in check, and forced the idea of ult economy. Now there is no counterplay to numerous ones outside of just killing them before they kill you. And why worry about how many ults you use when you can just pop them all, power through their defensive ones, and win the round without a second fight? At least with the threat of Res, you had to think ahead about the potential second fight, but now that will never be a concern.

Res was only as powerful at the enemy team allowed it to be. If you ignored the threat and just popped all of your ults, you were punished. Now that punishment for poor hasty decisions is being taken away in favor of people who simply didn't like to think.
I don't really know why people are so annoyed by Mercy and and feel that they needed a rework as they got. To talk about, because that also falls in line with what you're talking about. I mained Zarya on Playstation, I got a few gravitons eaten by DM. Did I go to the forums and complained? Did I rage? No. I took it and accepted that it was my fault. I was countered. The same when I play DPS on PC and mercy comes swooping in and rezzes 5 people at once. I grit my teeth, sigh and just keep shooting and having fun. I blamed myself for not paying attention, especially if I miss Mercy when playing Sombra. But these people who get mad and made these calls for nerfs don't want to look into their gameplay. They don't like admitting they made mistakes and thus blame Mercy for their mistake of not paying attention.
I was very surprised they responded to those people too. It's one thing to claim Mercy was bad from a gameplay perspective, and it's entirely another to cry over losing to her.

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