When will we stop loosing SR when someone leave the game ?

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Nuff said, very annoying to loose SR because someone leave.
^ 100% this.

So frustrating. Especially when you are winning. Since there are harsher penalties in place for leavers, will be a lot harder for people to exploit.
Never. Duo queue, swap who leaves, have multiple accounts.

Huge issue on console where you can have infinite number of accounts.
On top of -50SR leaver should get percentage of total team SR deduction based on their performance. So for instance if team gets leaver but still manage to stay on fire, gets objectives the SR deduction for leaver will be higher.
09/05/2017 02:22 PMPosted by Teriball
Never. Duo queue, swap who leaves, have multiple accounts.

Or just one person willing to take the hit for their team, regardless of if they are grouped or not.

So yeah.

The problem is that if everyone else got punished less or had any SR negated from someone leaving on your team people would start trying to abuse the SR system and tactically leave with people on their group or just encourage it if they think that it would be a certain loss. A loss is still a loss, if you lose then you lose SR, if you win then you gain. That's a fundamental thing which cannot be corrupted or else the game just becomes worse for it.

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