3+ Hour Match wait time and improper server placements

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I'm unfortunately reporting this per request of the blizzard support team as they FULLY exhausted roughly about 5 sessions with me, callback and the lot, testing, diagnostics, and even taking control of my account in order to verify a potential root cause. I'd estimate roughly about 10-15 hours of blizzard staff time along with about 10-15 different staff members of various tiers/levels of support, some even at the same time to try and figure this out.

Suffice it to say, they are at a completely loss, and suggested i take the time to post a thorough detailed explanation of events on the bug report boards since it appears that they have little power to push this issue any further.

I'll try and keep this simple, straight forward and concise, but i'm likely to fail since there is just so much information. To which i suggest you review my past tickets, there are tickets associated to other accounts (in an attempt to see if it was related to the account), but unfortunately after digging through numerous methods of trying to pinpoint the problem, it appears to be entirely a fault that is within the match making system itself, failing to provide a match regardless of the substantially sufficient number of other players. And while Latency was initially considered to be the root cause of the issue (averaging between 200-300ms ping) it was later determined not to be the case as the staff member being logged in under my account and attempting the same connection with actually a higher ping than i, was able to manage a match repeatedly without issue within the 60 second to 5 minute period, most commonly within the 2-3 minute zone, obviously ruling latency out quickly, specially when on my 2nd account i would attempt to join a match at the same time, and i'd fail to get one while they would get one regardless. Of course some fluke situations were to occur, but on the whole, i was still stuck waiting hours and hours on end never getting a match.

We however determined that this was mostly region based, if i attempted to play outside of the US region (in order to avoid the problems associated with the US region servers), match making would fail to find a game. If i remained connected to the US region, the match making would place me on a server, but majority of those matches always resulted in incredibly bad latency and entirely impossible to play packetloss. Now of course blizzard spent countless amounts of time drilling with looking glass and WinRMT results to which served nothing but even more confusion. However in providing details on the servers i was consistently connecting to, i was constantly being placed on servers OUTSIDE of the US while ON the US region... such as being placed on Brazillian, singapore and whatever others appear to be attached to the US region for some odd reason... granted the brazillian one i can understand, but for gauds sake, make a south american region at least... there is no way i should be sent down through the united states from west central canada, to brazil only to end up with 50-90% packetloss and a ping that swings from 300-3000ms significantly and constantly...

In very rare occasion i'm thrown onto the LA servers or chicago, but sadly these still produce heavily latency swings and fairly frequent packetloss issues. AGAIN, we've already gone over this heavily, my ISP nor my connection is responcible in this regard, there is a switch that both blizzard support staff and my own ISP support staff exhausted themselves determining that a switch entirely out of either companies hands and isps simply can't do anything about, and attempting to use proxy or rerouting services such as HASTE to get around the problem, actually only just made things worse. This is precisely why trying alternative regions became the next obvious choice.

However starting at the end of May 2017, i noticed a significant increase in waiting times, and within 1 week of the wait time increases, eventually i was up over the hour, 2 hours and 3 hours waiting ranges with me waiting in que for the ENTIRE duration of my available night, even pushing beyond my typical timeframe i usually head to bed in order to see if i could get a single match, sadly this of course occurred during the anniversary event which resulted in me being unable to get any anniversary loot at all which was rather crushing, because the shear number of hours i had logged in waiting to play, i couldn't.

For the following month, i'd attempt over and over again, recording my skirmishes and taking screenshots, talking with blizzard.. followed by another month and another month of trial and error. But sadly things only seem to be getting worse.

The one place i was actually doing quite well on, being the asian region has not insisted on placing me on the servers with the WORST possible connection, highest latency and most prone to packetloss. While before it was basically only a 1 in 10 games chance that i'd end up on these servers, it's now almost certain 9 out of 10 games that i'll end up on these terrible servers providing me the worst possible game experience. Reverting back to middle ground going on the European region, has resulted in no real change or improvements either. And again going back to US, getting thrown onto the servers OUTSIDE of the US is again worse than asian region.

This can only be described as a critical failure in the match making system. And while i may be part of the insignificant percentage of players that are apparently affected by this, i did however run into similar players running into the similar problem and unfortunately trying to convince them to report it seemed to fall on deaf ears, mostly because by what they described, they had tried to report the problem, but were constantly told it was their ISPs problem or something outside of blizzard control/fault/potential issue.

I've purchased more than 2 copies of the game to test/try and have other individuals run their own tests at my expense, only to have the issues i'm seeing confirmed as being present.

I submit the following screenshots (note, the server ip addresses indicate it isn't the same sessions to clarify, even if they reside on the same map coincidentally, additionally they are not all the same day either but over several days even weeks apart):

http://i.imgur.com/e9OFynf.jpg ~> 3 hours 3 Minutes (eventually quit to bed)
http://i.imgur.com/7QdHP05.jpg ~> 3 hours 17 Minutes (eventually quit to bed)
http://i.imgur.com/XUX5OA9.jpg ~> 2 hours 45 minutes (received 1 match that was abruptly canceled due to players leaving)
http://i.imgur.com/5WgEtnL.jpg ~> 3 Hours 18 minutes (eventually quit to bed)
http://i.imgur.com/JZo6i7J.jpg ~> 2 Hours 31 minutes (received 1 match that ended abruptly due to a player leaving)
http://i.imgur.com/HjYHmeY.jpg ~> 3 Hours 5 Minutes (Eventually quit to bed)

^ the above are one of so far roughly about 50 or so other images of my nights ending... keep in mind that almost all of them are screenshots taken several minutes or even near another hour before quitting the game (i've hit 4 hours already) or in some cases, as mentioned, a match starting and almost always failing to actually go anywhere.

I'd also like to submit the following as evidence that playing on asian servers, gives me about the best possible game PROVIDED that i'm not being connected to a server in that region that throws me bad packetloss and much higher latency than what you see in the video. I'd also like to note that the latency has extremely low swing (which provides an ideal way of being able to try and compensate for the latency to lead shots or at least allow for a much better experience vs playing on a US region server with latency swings from 75-150 or 200-400-3000ms). In addition, it also illustrates basically a small sample of what it's like to wait in a skirmish for only the first 20 minutes, had i left it recording, it would have ended at 3 hours and 20 minutes roughly with no a single match, in addition to having the server shutdown every 20 minutes and being slapped on the same skirmish map over and over 6 times in a row (which REALLY gets boring).

I can't say i'm a great player or a terrible player. Though i'm sure my skill rating isn't below average, even if my sr or mmr or whatever shows otherwise due to the gross amount of terrible latency/packetloss i'm dealing with most of the time. obviously fighting against players with sub 50ms ping puts me at a MASSIVE disadvantage, and it's quite evident when i've fired prior to another individual only to be the only one killed and watching a kill cam showing them firing and myself never having taken a shot at all. At least in this video i can respect the damage and situations that show me at a disadvantage even while trying to compensate.


I'd be happy to answer additional questions and provide more details, but i would suggest that blizzard staff dig into my past tickets on this account regarding the lengthy multi staff discussions and pulling up my network tests that have clearly illustrated the confusion, specially when doing some live tested simultaneously with them.
That sucks - it really really sucks. I hope they fix this for you.

It's crazy that a billion dollar company cannot have a proper support team, and users are suggested to post to a forum that is constantly ignored (some threads in here have hundreds of complaints, but no response).

The support team should be handling and fixing this - not telling users to "post to the forum".
While i think i'm fairly patient... and specially after paying for another copy of overwatch just to test out if it was in fact an account issue.... i can somewhat understand the irritation of trying to figure out what the problem is when they themselves cannot replicate it.

However when you've spent this much time submitting multiple dxdiag reports... complete system information reports/logs.... and winmrts along with screenshots of testing WHILE all in live chat with the technical support, among the videos and other content i've shared with them, and they can do nothing but concede that they simply don't know... i've been in the same position on occasion as an IT professional.

However having dealt with only a few customers that have actually gone to the length i think i have... it's not a problem i would ignore or just simply wave off as some kind of obvious user error or something unresolvable, at that point i'd be inclined to start digging.

Now honestly i should have submitted this nearly 3 weeks ago or so when we had initially completely exhausted all avenues using technical support... but real life took the front seat as harvest had started... and after a long day, getting home and sitting down for what little time i had, didn't have the mindset to try and write up a 10,000 character essay. And having re-read it, i think i should have spent a little more time reorganizing it as i still left out some details (as i cannot edit it)

I'll point out an important fact that was excluded by accident though:


1: While skirmishing, if another player invites me to party or i invite them, they too will be held in que for as long as i have to wait... this doesn't matter if it's only 1 or 2 or up to even 5 players... the entire party will be stuck in que purgatory usually. Usually most players will leave the group within the first 10-15 minutes of waiting for a match as they get bored, however i've had multiple ques with the same individuals that typically only have a 3-5 minute wait time or less and have held them in que for over an hour or more before they eventually quit/left.

Now obviously, if they invite me, the que is revoked and i reque with them... if i invite them they are added to my own que... requeing repeatedly every 5-10 minutes has no effect, i still wait an eternity to receive a match (if i ever do).

2: The delay is almost exclusively when playing Arcade games... If i attempt to play "quickplay"... the wait times are improved.. though it's not uncommon to wait up to 15 minutes at a time still.. but i can usually get a game. In regards to Competitive however, this is where it gets rather weird, even the blizzard staff seemed to be further perplexed by this. Competitive matchmaking is supposed to have even stricter requirements in order to be placed in an ideal match, granted i still end up usually getting a terrible match, however i usually don't even have to wait 30 seconds to a minute... sometimes i don't even see the que wait time show up, i can usually get thrown into a match immediately. On occasion i'll wait 3-7 minutes for a match but the overwhelming majority of the time regarding competitive... is very high. So while blizzard initially insisted/assumed that the problem was my connection, and several other players assumed other potential reasons... the fact that competitive is supposed to be so strict while granting me a game fast while arcade should likely have the most lax requirements makes me wait endlessly. This is why i honestly believe and even the blizzard staff though reluctant to do so, seemed to agree that there is a problem with the match making system.

Now obviously i don't want to play competitive all the time, and frankly i'm not much of a fan of quickplay, i rather quite prefer playing arcade and when it comes to events, it only makes sense to try and at least get the 9 wins for loot crates.

which leads to the other problem being placed on absalutely the wrong servers repeatedly, to which even trying to get 9 wins in a single week is a pure nightmare... even though lucio ball appears to be getting me a match relatively quickly, i'm constantly being put into games that are already seriously losing, quite often mere seconds before the "DEFEAT" shows up... and when i finally get to start in a game fresh, i may as well be a ghost as no matter how hard i try and how much i try to compensate for the absolutely ridiculous high latencies and bad packetloss.... i can't seem to hit the ball let alone block it, just continuously pass through me, even using an ult while spamming the ball it has no effect to the point of the other players actually assuming that i'm intentionally throwing the game and "If it's really that bad, STOP PLAYING!".
08/23/2017 07:13 AMPosted by Neve
The support team should be handling and fixing this - not telling users to "post to the forum".

It should be stated that it appears that the bug report forum is actually a genuine bug report for players... sadly there seems to be a lack of "required information" for posting... it would be nice if they added additional functions to create a thread (report)... but it's open and while i've been told repeatedly that this forum is frequently looked at and reviewed regardless of the content's title or what have you.... they do internally flag certain ones that require further investigation.
While i'm not one to bump... i think this arguably could be said to deserve it.

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