An idea to buff armor and shields

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The forums are currently littered with post after post about nerfing Junkrat and Pharah and at the same time asking for buffs to defense heroes and tank survivability.

So I propose this:

Shields - A single packet of damage cannot exceed the value of existing shields, unless that damage is over 125, then it deals full damage.

What this means is, if you have 25 shields on you, a rocket from Pharah or a Grenade from Junkrat will only do 25 damage on that one shot. Essentially blocking it.

Armor - Halves all damage under 125, and gives immunity to critical hits.

This effectively makes armor stronger against explosions and pellet damage, and gives immunity to headshot damage while you have armor. All the heroes who use armor have the biggest heads, this is why it's so easy to melt through tanks, as well as Torb and Bastion. At the same time this buffs Torb's armor packs making him more valuable to the team. Though he should be able to give his turret armor.

With all of this, Widowmaker needs her body shot damage bumped up to 125 from 120. I'm not sure why she does less than Hanzo to begin with.

Also, the damage from Ana, Winston, Mei, Symmetra, Zarya, and Widow's mine should be classified as condition damage, which will ignore both armor and shields and deal their full damage.

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