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anyone else getting this? I have never gotten this error before until last patch

now it will error randomly which prevents me from joining any voice chat. I have to restart the game and then its just a matter of time before it happens again.

nothing has changed on my PC and I traced the start of the problem to the last update.
It only happens to me after I leave custom games and I don't know why, but yes Im experiencing the same problem
I just got it a couple of minutes ago after finishing comp. Came here looking for info.
This error started happening for me today. VERY annoying. I have had to restart 3 times today (about every other match) since it started. am moving to a different game for the rest of the day. Hope they fix this soon!
There have been multiple users (including myself) with receiving voice chat error 20900 or 1001. While I do not know what has been causing this issue, I do know a few tricks to minimize its impact.

  • Disable any overlay programs like Discord, Skype, etc that could be interfering with the microphone features of the game.
  • Turn off "Skirmish while Searching" in the Gameplay Options of the game. This will ensure a voice chat error does not trigger before the start of a competitive match and you are forced to go all match without it.

Finally please make sure to participate in this discussion: Support Agent Drakloth is seeking information to get comparative notes to pinpoint the issue.
I have the same error. It happens only after a game when switching back to the main menu. Never during the match.
wtf is this !@#$, i cant talk to my team mates in comp get this %^-* fixed please
Just got the same error.
After comp game i got the removed from voice chat msg. With the same 20900 code. 2nd day in a row this has happened.
This has happened to me 5 times in the past 2 days.
Happened to me on PS4 just now. Can’t communicate in comp now.
Happens on console aswell, lost over 80elo because i couldn't communicate with my team
just got it in the middle of a comp game smh
Happens to me all the time on XB1 and PC....

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