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I work for a University and we recently received a ticket from some of our students saying that Overwatch voice chat did not work on our Network. As a fellow gamer who understands the importance of voice chat in games, I followed up with our Network team to figure out what was going on. They have told me that Overwatch's voice chat portion uses SIP on port 5060 and our Palo Alto firewall is classifying it as p2p. It uses a risk scale of 1 - 5, and Overwatch Voice is being flagged as a risk of 4 due to malware. They say most firewalls will block this type of connection. Is there any other way to get Overwatch voice working? Are there any plans to change how Overwatch voice works? Are any other Universities or organizations experiencing these issues?

Thanks for any feedback! We just want happy students and a safe network :)
I just moved into the college dorms and the voice chat started to not function any more too.. I was wondering what was causing it and i guess this is it.
Thank you for sharing this on the forum! Time to go see the IT support on campus, i suppose......
This is a wide-scale issue in dorms - even if the malware detection isn't the issue, the bandwidth is. This also affects several countries as entire ISP's will block the ports.

Right now, the only workaround is use of a VPN, which may not be advisable if students are prohibited from using them, or if you live in a country that has made VPN use illegal(if anyone reading this happens to).
While i can't say for sure that all of these are using the same Palo Alto firewall, we do see quite a few reports from players on University connections having issues connecting to voice chat. I've taken your info and sent it up and will see if we can get any updates on that.

We are currently tracking some other issues involving the Palo Alto firewall such as this one here preventing players from connecting at all. Out of curiosity, what build of the firewall is the school on? While possibly unrelated, it appears that some of the issues have been resolved after updating from 729 to 730.
Thank you @Zhyxen! I'm not sure of the build, I'll have to talk to our network administrators and report back!
My brother and I go to different universities in California, and we both cannot connect to voice chat in the dorms. Competitive is basically unplayable ercause I can't communicate.

My IT department monitored my ingoing and outgoing connections while I was playing, and they didn't see anything being blocked by the firewall. If I connect using a hotspot though, it works fine.
If you find that you have this problem only on a university or business network, please have the network admin contact support for whitelist information. They'll need to speak with one of our technical specialists to get this information. We've seen situations where some corporate/university routers classify our traffic as P2P over SIP which gets blocked to prevent piracy.

Please keep in mind that this is only for business/university class routers. You shouldn't need to do this on a home router (and in many cases you cannot.)

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