is overwatch having problem with fps now

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fps lag ?????
It shouldn't. You might want to check your active programs. Sounds like you might have a RAM leak.
I get bad FPS drops if I have a youtube tab playing in the background, or any page with a lot of crap going on. (chrome)
I ran overwatch fine at a stable 60 fps (I run overwatch with everything else shut off) but now im getting sudden drops while shooting and turning rapidly. So I had to lower my graphics even lower and that helped :P
08/26/2017 01:31 AMPosted by Ryujehong
fps lag ?????

You shouldn't have FPS lag since ryujehong uses a 1080ti. 300 FPS grantees :/
No but I have something similar happen.

Everyone freezes on the screen at once.

I thought it may have been my computer but I checked the frames and it was still over 100.

What happened was packet loss, and then everyone teleported a few feet from where they were at the lag spike.

It briefly stopped receiving a signal from the server, it had nothing to do with my computer.
okay overwatch blizzard sent me a reply saying that is the game having some fps problems

they have fixed it personally already so good job for them.

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