How to Balance Mei (PART 1)

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I know there are a lot of posts on the forums regarding this topic, but I wanted to create another thread because I disagree with many of the other suggestions that have been made on the forums on the topic of Mei.

Ever since launch, Mei has been considered one of the worst and under picked heroes in the game, and while there is little wrong with a specific hero being weak in a season or two, I do believe it is an issue when a particular hero is considered weak in EVERY season to date.

In this section on "How to Balance Mei" I will only delve into the Endothermic blaster of her kit. Please leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with my opinions, or if you have new ideas of your own. I will release part 2 if this thread gains up enough popularity:

Changes Desired:

Endothermic Blaster:
-Projectile Speed increased from 20m/s to 30m/s (50% Increase).
-Slowed Targets lose jump height proportionally to how much movement
speed is lost due to the slow.

Why These Changes?
Mei's Endothermic Blaster is a solid weapon that excels at crowd control and
forcing enemies to burn their movement abilities and keep their distance from
Mei (or risk freezing). HOWEVER, the weapon can be very unreliable at the
longer ranges of blast, and even hitting slowed targets can be difficult to do if
you are not within near-melee range of them. Increasing the projectile speed
will reduce the amount of time it takes the blast to travel the maximum
distance from 0.5s to 0.33s, allowing Mei to slow targets even faster and
making her gun more reliable against faster moving targets.

Endothermic Blaster (Alternate Fire):
Ammo Cost 25->20 (20% Ammo Cost Decrease).
Icicle Casting Time 0.4s -> 0.35s (12.5% Decrease).

Why This Change?
Mei's Icicle is a powerful weapon when used right, but should not be the core of her kit. In order to keep the center of her kit on her ability to disrupt enemies and control the battlefield, it is best to only slightly improve the strength of her alternate fire. With that being said, reducing the ammo cost of her alternate fire would allow her to be a little more aggressive, and reducing the cast time of her icicle would allow her to be a little more accurate when it comes to fighting flankers.
IMO I just say speed her ice projectile when it's charging
08/31/2017 01:59 PMPosted by I964
IMO I just say speed her ice projectile when it's charging

Only change you want?

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