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Guys, there are hundreds of posts about how everyone hates the new Mercy, they want the devs to change her back etc etc.

Well, this isn't that kind of post. This is for the people who DO like these changes, think it is good for Mercy, E-Sports/pro scene, meta shift, or overall health of the game.

I'd like to hear from everyone who likes the changes and why. Here's your chance to be heard in a sea of salt.

EDIT: Try to keep it civil, I know this is a polarizing issue and I understand there are a lot of people who don't like the change, I'm really just curious to see other people's reasons for supporting the direction they are going.
For myself, I like the changes because they make Mercy feel more impactful in the midfight; being able to tempo rez all the time is severely underrated and can swing fights more reliably than a massive rez a lot of the time.

I also like the implications this has on the meta since a fast and hard dive to solidify man advantage can be completely mitigated with an easy rez. This opens the door for different ways to play the game and I'm excited to see what the community is going to come up with.

Lastly, I'm glad that they took the main power of her kit out of her ult and into a main ability. All of the most balanced and fun heroes have a core ability that is the center of their character and ults that are complementary. Hog's hook, Zarya's shields, Tracer's blink/rewind, Lucio's wallride, and Bastion's sentry all come to mind. I think having the entire reason she is picked be her ult is bad for the game so when they make changes away from that I'm a happy boy.
I think it will benefit the paradigm shift of the game play for the better. They made Mercy a more useful hero, why flak poor new mercy for being more useful? I really don't see the play hide n seek game anymore. Honestly, I don't main mercy Mercy is too easy of a hero in the first place, I don't mind the change. I think that this change is an opportunity for those hide and seekers to be overall better team players for their teammates. I mean you honestly can no longer get mad for a single rez anymore, because that's all Mercy would be doing. I feel the new ultimate is going in the right direction of making her a Hybrid single/multi healing/damage buffing role. adds a complexity that was needed to make the overall shift in the gameplay to be renewed.

that's just my opinion of course, a lot of people are a tad narrow minded and don't see the bigger picture.
My only problem with it right now is that Revive has too long a cooldown. I think it should be reduced to 20 to 25 seconds.

Most of the complaining seems to be around Valkyrie not being strong enough. Someone suggested increased movement speed. I'd like to test it, maybe at a 15% increase at first to speed.
I think the rev time should be performance based.
The more you heal/assist/damage the shorter the CD of revive.
simple yet effective to ensure great team playing.
I like it in concept but in execution its undertuned still. I wish there was some more dev feedback so I could get a sense of what they want us to feel out with the changes.
I believe you'll hear the word 'engaging' a lot. It is like a special code among Mercy 2.0 advocates.
i hate them both.
No Hide n Seek anymore?
Wtf is this? Are you serious?
So you not gonna hide as Mercy when you hear McGay,Sold or Junk ult anymore?
Or will anyone fly around when a Widow is on the field? Of course not, Mercy plays as defensively as ever, just without being able to rez as before.
09/01/2017 09:16 PMPosted by DarthCrapius
Guys, there are hundreds of posts about how everyone hates the new Mercy

And because of that they should hate her as well?
Sorry, that doesn't work like that.
Current PTR Mercy is a step in the right direction. But no where near what it needs to be for competitive. They did tackle the reasoning for the changes correctly, they just need to tune up the numbers (mainly her survivability), and it'll be good.
I like the change as well. I thought I'd hate it, but it's actually a nice change of direction for her...

I honestly feel that people are upset about this change because now you can't just play her mindlessly anymore. She requires some skill now, and a lot of these players are used to abusing a skill-devoid mechanic intrinsic to her build that shouldn't have been encouraged in the first place.

You can't just farm ult and then let your team die for that big rez... You have to actually think about who you should rez. You have to actually consider "how should I use this ult?", etc.

Hide and seek is dead. And I'm happy that it is.

Now for the handful of downvotes... (I mean it's not like a couple people are downvoting every single response that indicates that person likes her change right? People wouldn't downvote others for a simple difference of opinion, right?)
09/02/2017 03:33 AMPosted by Rivinhal
(I mean it's not like a couple people are downvoting every single response that indicates that person likes her change right? People wouldn't downvote others for a simple difference of opinion, right?)
Eh. Who the hell cares about downvotes? Pretty much all they're used for is an anonymous method to disagree with people.

Anyways, I'm not sure that it's the difference of opinion they're downvoting. While appreciating the changes are all fine and all it doesn't really give much feedback.

Like, I like the new version of Mercy a little bit more, but I do think her kit is a little weak.

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