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Hi all,
I am from Mauritius. I love playing Overwatch. Unfortunately I can't play because there are no African servers. I have no other choice than to connect to Europe and get a ping of 300+.
EA just released a South African server for Battlefield 1 and I get a decent ping of 40 when connected to them. However, Overwatch is so so good to play. It would be great if Blizzard opens a South African server so that all Africans get to play Overwatch too.
Please don't ignore us.
Highly Rated
300 ping is nearly unplayable for a FPS right? never played above 150 and that is pretty bad already.
300 is pretty bad, I imagine only Winston is playable.
8000+ upvotes on reddit and only 35 here? Come on guys we can do better than that.
There have been people asking for Latin American servers too, because their servers are in Brazil and they get extremely high ping, and US servers aren't any better. Valve and Activision all have Latin American servers, but Blizzard doesn't

Unfortunately they've been completely ignored, despite having a post with 250+ upvotes. It's safe to say that you're going to be ignored too :/


Forget the blizzcon swag, just invest in servers please.
Me & my friend are also from SA, we get about 200-220 ping average, 250-260 on a bad day.
Succs cause I really want to master Widow and Mcree, but its pretty difficult with that much lags(not impossible though I guess, netcode is pretty good).

I wonder if there are enough people in the region to justify a server here, it would have to be quite a substantial amount.
I get 130ms in Nigeria, but that's still pretty bad, would really love a server for African users
No matter how many up votes or attention you get, Blizzard doesn't care about us.
Gotta give this a vote Im from Mauritius too, but you could try to play on the SG server for now ping around 120-150 ms and sometime 90 ms.
You could also play Symmetra with high ping, maybe Lucio.

I support this, though. High ping is no fun.
Try playing in the US server for the time being, mauritian here too and getting a stable 90-125 ping there.
From Namibia here and mine spikes anywhere from 180 to 600+ so upvotes all around! Hopefully Blizzard sees this!

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