Support mains, how you like Deathmatch FFA?

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Not a support main, but at the moment I dislike it immensely.
Pick Genji/Hanzo/Doomfist and enjoy your easy win (seriously though, every DM game i've been in it's just been a Genji dominating and winning every single time).
Hell maybe this will be the mode that gets Geoff to finally think "Huh, maybe we should take a look at Genji, Scatter Shot too".
08/30/2017 02:41 PMPosted by Kuroh
im doing great with zen, but discord orb is too risky because you make killsteal too easy :P
with Lucio for some reason i am awful in this mode.

I play with support to train my aim and environment awareness, when i want to win i play roadhog :)

Zen is top-tier but Lucio is tough. Great for survivability, but the moment you aren't 1v1 (which is often), you don't have enough damage output to compete. I felt like boops were rare as most people played inside the Chateau.

And then consider his ultimate isn't very useful for this mode. Same goes with the other healing supports. Mercy and Ana can't even use them. At least Zen can use his as an escape, a self-heal or to wait out an ultimate. With Lucio, you'd be lucky to even get it off before dying. After her changes go live though, I could see Mercy being decent.
Im a Mercy main and I love DM! Im not a one trick so I usually play Mei and Ive had a blast with Torb and Bastion too.

Especially as Torb I laughed so much I have a sore throat now.

Once Mercy patch hits Ill definitely throw in some Valkyrie action into the mix. Im pretty solid with the blaster :)

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