Is junkrat op?

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I believe his ultimate is seriously op now but id like some feedback on the rest of his kit.
No he's perfect to counter the dive
Nah. The speed is more intimidating than anything else. Someone with good tracking can kill it. It's just more reliable now.
His ult does charge a lot faster now since he has two mines instead of one but I think it's just people not having acclimated to the new JR yet.
Give it a bit of time and people will get used to it.
Well so far I'm not having much of a problem chasing Pharahs out of the sky. D.Vas aren't much of an issue if you attack from the back (and they'll be even less of an issue soon). Other tanks just get knocked out of place by the mines, and they're also a fun way to deal with ulting Genjis. Right now the only heroes that are a problem to deal with are Tracer and Soldier.
Rip-Tire is actually well balanced now. You can cover distances faster and it's easier to flank and get away from enemy fire now, making it more reliable and useful.

If anything is going to be called OP and get nerfed it'll be his Concussion Mine damage.
Have been shot down a lot with an ult, even if I didnt expect it. From Cree, Widow, Soldier rockets, etc.

1 extra mine and a speed buff to his ult doesn't make him up. If all it makes him useable for once.
09/01/2017 04:41 AMPosted by ZitsandRash
I believe his ultimate is seriously op now but id like some feedback on the rest of his kit.

i have one question. Why are you asking a question about something where the answer is ALWAYS SUBJECTIVE?

i dont get it...

and no he aint OP in my eyes, but in someone elses he will. so there is your answer
Maybe on console, Junkrat has always been stronger on console than PC.
I guess yall are right. Im having a hard time adjusting to all these changes, i fear when the real patch comes through im going to get frustrated and pre order cod ww2 :p
Its because i like to hear feedback from my community and not an echo chamber of people agreeing with me... Good enough answer for you or was that to subjective?
General consensus from the community was that Junkrat was in a just-god-awful state before these buffs went through. Honestly just F-Tier, trash pickrate, considered a troll pick in literally any competitive setting.

And yeah, you'll see a handful of people who say "nah, there were Platinum Junkrats, you people just didn't know how to use him." But remember that there are outliers for every hero in this game. There is somebody in Grandmaster maining Junkrat, Mei, and Bastion.

If Junkrat was "fine" because there were a very small number of Junks in plat, then the existence of any hero main in Grandmaster means there are literally no underpowered heroes in the game, right? No, that would be ignorant. It's not as cut-and-dry as that.

But because Junkrat was in such a terrible place, he needed big buffs, and he needed them without nerfs. So for once, Blizzard gave them to him. And now, yeah, you're gonna' see a lot more Junkrats than you did before-- and it's going to be jarring if you haven't been forced to deal with Junkrats until now, especially since they're even stronger. And they're gonna' feel disproportionately stronger to you, because unlike most of the cast who've actually seen playtime, you haven't had experience fighting him every other game.

But once people play a while and get used to Junkrat, you'll be fine.
OP ? No, but freakishly anoiying to play agianst.. I HATE THOSE TRAPS ! I JUST HATE THEM
if by "OP" you mean "Not completely useless anymore" well then why yes yes it is
His counters (snipers, mid range dps, open spaces and pharah) can still reliably counter him. He's just better at what he does now.
09/01/2017 05:25 AMPosted by DoctorWorm
if by "OP" you mean "Not completely useless anymore" well then why yes yes it is

It's getting difficult for regular players of the offense cast to enjoy their games when someone from the defense cast is finally going to be decent if not meta. How are they supposed to make #BigPlays when they can't charge headlong into each other and spastically hop around against a hero who punishes all of those things and demands strong game sense instead.
Still one of the easiest ultis to avoid since you can just destroy it almost instantly
Maybe this is the beginning of the new meta Jeff proposed? Spam meta?
Well I don't know about OP but he's essentially a must pick and is defining the meta. Wait until the stats come out. His usage is skyrocketing and team comp picks seem to be based on what counters and synergizes with Junkrat.

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