Kill feed not showing up anymore

Bug Report
Today my kill feed stopped showing up. I thought it might be turned off in options, so I checked and it was on, tried to disable/enable again and it doesn't work. So now I never see the kill feed anymore which is extremely annoying.

I saw others posts the same in the past but no answers were given. How can I fix this and why is this happening ?
I'm having the same problem, did you fix it yet?
Same, killfeed is on, but there's nothing
Hello, can anyone look into this and fix this already???
Is Blizzard even aware of this issue? It affects gameplay significantly...
I have the same problem. Checked my settings and killfeed display is on..
Same problem here. Sometimes the killfeed is there and sometimes it's not. I've even had it disappear after respawn, midgame :/
having the same problem scrubs
quite annoying, just happened to me today randomly in-game
sometimes when any program using your hdd/ssd while playing overwatch the game wont show your killfeed
same thing happening to me

what is this?

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