No First Win Lootbox for Deathmatch

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With the new deathmatch game it says there is still a first win reward for me. I have won twice once first and second place but neither time I have gotten the lootbox. Is anyone else experiencing this?
This happened to me too. Literally just five minutes ago.
The same thing happened to me. I was going to create a post about it but then i saw yours.
Happened to me as well 10 minutes ago.
Same thing. Went back to see if it was a one time thing, no loot box on second win either.
I've won three 8p Deathmatch games in a row (1st, 2nd, 1st) and have yet to receivve my box reward.

Every time before it gets to the card/stats screen it throws me back into arcade menu, making this accomplishment impossible.

Am I the only one experiencing this? It's kinda bull!@#$ really.
happened to me on ps4
With me too, i`m brazilian and
I think they'll fix this as fast as possible.
Me too, just won two games in deathmatch mode and I didn't receive the lootbox.
Happened to me tonight, eeked out a 2nd place Win and no lootbox.
Thought you had to get first place, nope. It's just bugged.
Got 2nd and fourth did not get one but my gf who did not win last week got hers.
Same here. Won deathmatch 2 times (First Place) and dind't recieve de box for the first victory.
Yep - confirmed, got first place and it's not giving the reward.

It's a bug - expect blizzard to address this soon.
8 player FFA is bugged.
You don't get the first win loot box.
I've won two games now, and both times I didn't get the loot box reward even though it says that I get one. So I can confirm.
Same here. I require my lootbox!!!
I just won my first ever ffa dm and I received no loot box, very sad.
SAAAAAAME. One of my 4 wins was a close one too, I prematurely celebrated only to find no box.
This also happened to me. I actually got POTG on my last kills so if you need video evidence I can upload.

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