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Can herizon lunar colony be deleted please
What? It's the 3rd best map after Eichenwalde and Numbani..
Nah, bud - It's a good map...may not be everyones personal favourite but I like it well enough - and, au contraire, can we not have things REMOVED from the game, we need more content as it is.
I dont think its a good map either but idk what you think you're gonna gain from making this post but downvotes lol
I actually like Lunar colony and have done really well, although i do agree that if the enemy team is good enough you can get locked down in the first point.

Edit: when attacking you can get locked down on the first point if the enemy is good enough
I upvoted this hard me and two other people I know wish this map was never created. We do need more content, but we dont need content like that.
It's a good map.
May not be the best map, but it sure as hell beats Anubis and Hanamura.
Worst map is Route 66
dat chinise tower says hi
09/05/2017 11:43 PMPosted by IakSakkakh
Worst map is Route 66

What are you smoking right now?
i dont know, the map is just ugly to look at with all the grey color everywhere.
Route 66 and horizon are both bad
Volskaya is clearly the worst. Hanamura and Anubis aren't pleasant either.
Hanamura is the worst, !@#$tiest quality map in OW. Drawmura at its worst.
Worst map is by far hanamura.

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