best compliment you have ever gotten?

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i like getting compliments on a good rez, boop, etc. every once in a while ill do well with baby dva.. i played rein like once and i was told I was actually doing pretty well (i made sure the team knew I didnt know how to play him butthey asked anyway because we needed one). Positivity is always nice :D

edit: ps - great thread!
Reported for aim bot
"You're a god Mei"

Was One Tricking Mei in Placements made me feel good inside
"probably the best team coordinator i ever met in voice chat" , i usually play ana
A Rein E'd my tire entirely on prediction once so i said "Screw you Rein, but that was good"
A guy actually propsed to my Mei after I dropped in for filling the end of one match (quick play, defense, Numbani), they needed like 0.10 meters to push the payload in and had like 5 minutes, but when I arrived we have won at the end (not because only me, but a few good walls and saves encoured the other's play as well).

I said yes of course. :'D
Aimbotting as Hanzo...on console. Lol.
They told me i was realy good with the old Roadhog. Acused me of smurfing.

RIP Piggy.
Enemy monkey who had been chasing me, the mercy, for a whole game of Oasis said at the end that I was horrendous and I should go terror other people's games lol
,,!@#$in Widowmaker!'' It's very nice to hear because a year ago I thought I sucked with snipers
*end of match*
*card shows up I had a 21 player kill streak as Zenyatta*
Team mate: "The one match I get a Zenyatta on my team, his god like."
Enemy Player messaged me to stop playing healer its unfair.
Previous season I had a good game on my soldier, aim was on point etc... I WAS being pocketed by Mercy though.

Enemy team in chat:

Your soldier was lit, carried you nicely there

me on chat:

Give some love to the pocket mercy as well

Enemy team:

Okay, you and Mercy were lit
"Jesus lord calm the **** down Sombra Jesus beasting everyone!" Best comp game I had S6.
A person was convinced I was Kephrii on a different account.
The first and only time someone acused me of using aimbot, i was playing doomfist on deathmatch, considering his current state y felt very proud of that acusation.
Got a four man Lucío boop in Oasis university near the stairs before the point opened. Continued booping tve enemy team there and in the Gardens. Apparently I'm "Dr. Wifestealer and mr. DPStanky", AND a smurf! So pretty mythical life all around. Got commends from both teams and praise, felt really good.

One particular week or two after a hiatus in playing, got a lot of S76 POTG:s and constantly clocking new personal dmg records. Got called a hacker atleast five times during those two weeks and a clear smurf and how smurfs/hackers are pulling the game into the gutter. That felt really great considering I was pretty dissapointed about my piss- poor SR that I got at exactly lvl 25 -____-
in the middle of comp game enemy wrote on chat "Can we swap Tracers and restart the match?"
Accusations of hacks are the best compliments.
I once made a forum post on how I predicted when a Pharah would ult, warned my team, and then proceeded to Rez 4 people who died to her ult

Someone replied to my post and told me that I was a misplaced Bronze, and that felt really nice :))

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