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Why let people join after 5 kills for the leader. You join when someone has 20+ kills and it's absolutely pointless. It's not fun and it's not competitive in the slightest. Just let the game play out if people leave, there will usually be at least 2 people left. Having people join when there are only a few kills left is both disheartening and bad game management.

Please don't let Overwatch die out, aim for high standards of gameplay and customer satisfaction.
If everyone leaves and there's only 4 people left, then everyone on the server gets a lootbox no matter how they preformed. That's probably the reason.
There should be code in place that then gives only 1st and second a lootbox if that's the case. It's just another example of no forward thinking.
I personally hate backfill in DM/TDM, and wish it were disabled. It's "almost" impossible to get anywhere in these modes when everyone has 6+ more kills than you when you join in.
Hm i personaly find it chalanging to try an get under the best 4 if the the difference is under 10kills if it is over 10 than it is no fun at all.

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