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Hi all! My name is CldBlood3d, I'm currently a gold in comp, and like all others, it is ELO HECK at the moment. It's pretty crazy to see how far Overwatch has come in such a short time, but I would love to cover some loose points that have been overlooked. In this post, I will show you why exactly Junkrat is OP (overpowered for newcomers to the game,) and give some inputs for what I (personally!) want to see in Season 7.

Starting off first and foremost, I'm a Soldier main, and second an Ana main for this season. A couple things that I would like to go over will include
- A reasonable rework for Ana
- Explaining mathematically why Junkrat is overpowered
-A more pleasant rework for Symmetra
- Going over total damages or Damage per Minute/ an in depth analysis of what characters and what weapons seem to be highly sought after in the current season
- A reasonable re-balance to Competitive points, no longer having to strictly rely on the team.

The worlds Greatest Sniper!
Ana re-working
- Ana, in lore, is the worlds greatest sniper. She was in the process of counter sniping Widowmaker when she took a round to the eye through her scope from Widow's rifle. She recovered in solace, and came back ready to fight after many years of hiding.
Her damage as of now is very low, and she is seldom picked due to lack of powers and she is always second to a 'primary' healer (Lucio, Mercy) and her damage is lower than Sombra's. The ironic point being that as a sniper, her headshots do no critical damage, only putting 60 damage per shot into an opponent and only 75 healing per shot on allies. (Yes, the biotic grenade does help, but we're not bringing it into the equation due to the fact that It increases the healing factor on Allies but will not increase damage on enemies.)
A reasonable rework that I thought of was to increase the time between shots, not by much but enough to be noticeable, and increase her damage to enemies to 65 and healing to her allies to 80 to allow for better damage/healing. Along with her biotic grenade, which is a +%50 healing to allies, and only blocks for enemies, changing it up so it does a +%15 or maybe even +%10 more damage per shot against enemies. It would allow her to be a bit more versatile on the field. I believe that a headshot should at least provide 1.5x normal damage, so anywhere from maybe 90 to 110 damage for a 'critical hit' from ana. That or the dart lasts longer doing damage, so instead of just 3 hits, it extends to 5 or maybe 6. The cool-downs for the abilities feel spot on, personally.

Junkrat is Overpowered!

A lot of guff this season has had to do with the argument about Junkrats buff. Personally, I find it irritating that he can build his ult so fast, that before anyone has a chance to use theirs he's already released a tire. As my friends and I say, every minute Junkrats Ult is up.
Now, to those who say 'junkrat is just fine,' I will give you the mathematics for EVERY heroes damage per minute, and let you figure it out. These damages will be based as high as 'body shot max damage,' headshots will not be considered for snipers, seeing as I've never met someone who can commit 60 headshots in 60 seconds.
RPM - Rounds Per Minute
Dmg/M - Damage per Minute
Dmg/s Damage per Shot/round
DmgM - Damage (Max damage)
DmgH - Damage (Headshot criticals but not instantkills)

Ana - 72rpm @ 60 dmg/s = 4,320 dmg/m

Bastion Recon/ Turret
(Recon) 480 rpm @ 20dmg/s = 9,600 dmg/m
(Turret) 2,100rpm@ 15dmg/s= 31,500 dmg/m

D.va - 400.2rpm @ 2dmg/s = 800.4 dmg/m

Doomfist - (not accounted for reload time) - 180rpm @ 66 dmg/s = 11,880 dmg/m

Genji - 60 rpm @ 84dmg/s = 5,040 dmg/m
Alternate fire is 6,703.2 dmg/m

Hanzo - (Full charge) - 60rpm @ 125 dmg/s = 7,500 dmg/m

Junkrat - 99.6 rpm @ 120 dmg/s = 11,952 dmg/m

Lucio - 60 rpm @ 80 dmg/s = 4,800

Mccree - 120rpm @ 70 dmg/s = 8,400 dmg/s (if all shots were Critical hits)

Mei -
Endothermic Blaster - 45 dmg/s @ 60 seconds = 2,700 dmg/m
Icicle - 72 rpm @ 75 dmg/s = 5,400 dmg/m

Mercy - 300 rpm @ 20 dmg/s = 6,000 dmg/m

Orisa - 720 rpm @ 11 dmg/s = 7,920 dmg/m

Pharah - 66 rpm @ 120 dmg/s = 7,920 dmg/m

Reaper - 120 rpm @ 140 (20 x 7 DmgM) dmg/s = 16,800 dmg/m

Reinhardt - 54 spm @ 75 dmg/s = 4,050 dmg/m

Roadhog - 78 rpm @ 150 dmg/s = 11,700 dmg/m

Soldier 76 - 540 rpm @ 19 dmg/s = 10,260 dmg/m

Sombra - 1,200 rpm @ 8 dmg/s = 9,600 dmg/m

Symmetra - 120 dmgM/s @ 60 secs = 7,200 dmg/m

Turret - (Level 2) - 240 rpm @ 14 dmg/s = 3,360 dmg/m
Rivet Gun - 100.2 rpm @ 70 dmg/s = 7,014 dmg/m

Tracer - 1,200 rpm @ 6 dmg/s = 7,200 dmg/m

Sniper- 75 rpm @ 120 dmgM/s = 9,000 dmg/m
Assault Rifle- 600 rpm @ 13 dmg/s = 7,800 dmg/m

Winston - 60 dmg/s @ 60s = 3,600 dmg/m

Zarya -
Base - 95 dmg/s @ 60's = 5,700 dmg/m
Fully Charged (%100 power) - 195 dmg/s @ 60's = 11,700 dmg/m

Zenyatta - 150 rpm @ 46 dmg/s = 6,900 dmg/s
(Discorded) - 150 rpm @ 59.8 dmg/s = 8,970 dmg/s

As you can see, the second best to bastion is Junkrat. Roadhog would have to shoot someone in the face every second with max damage, to just barely come close to Junkrats ridiculous 11,952 DAMAGE PER MINUTE. The only character to absolutely demolish that high score is bastion in turret mode, dealing almost 32k in damage per minute.

Symmetra the long range beam sniper!

Another ordeal in comp has to do with Symmetra's easy to pick up left click and hold method. Jump into a team, move quickly and make yourself small, give yourself 3 seconds to make it to max damage on a tank, and melt the other team. She is a better flanker, than the flankers. A Roadhog hook and headshot take more effort than for her to simply use the left click. The damage is absolutely absurd for a hero who is to support, yet supports such as Ana rarely are picked because the damage is so low, or the support just isn't there. While yes, Symmetra does have solid counters, her ability to wipe a team is still ridiculous. At max charge (3 seconds of constant connection) and you can begin to overtake Mercy's healing capabilities. A good re work is to bring down her damage, shorten her distance, and increase the damage to her turrets, give the shield generator a timer of a 1 minute boost (no other hero has a permanent ultimate, and in Symmetras current state, she can hold in front of a Shield gen indefinitely given the proper conditions,) in order to mitigate how much the team really can hold the point. I personally believe she shouldn't be in comp, as she does more damage than Winston, and she can actually kill him given the correct opportunity. Winston is supposed to be her hard counter, and he cant even stand toe to toe with her sometimes.

Competitive point re-work!

It's always fun to be part of a team! But what if that team is toxic, trolling, genuinely learning due to inexperience, or just a really bad day in gaming?
Well, a proper solution available! Grading the Competitive points as follows:

Win + 20 points
Win with 1 gold + 30 points
Win with 2 golds + 35 points
Win with 3 Golds + 40 points
Win with 4 golds + 50 Points
Win with 1 Silver + 3 points
Win with 2 Silver + 6 points
Win with 3 silver + 10 Points
Win with 4 Silver + 12 points
Win with 1 Bronze + 1 point
Win with 2 Bronze + 2 points
Win with 3 Bronze + 4 points
Win with 4 Bronze + 6 points
Loss with 4 golds - 10 Points
Loss with 3 golds - 12 points
Loss with 2 golds - 13 points
Loss with 1 gold - 15 Points
Loss with 4 Silvers - 12 points
Loss with 3 silvers - 14 points
Loss with 2 silvers - 16 points
Loss with 1 silver - 17 points
Loss with 4 bronze - 15 points
Loss with 3 bronze - 17 points
Loss with 2 bronze - 19 points
Loss with 1 bronze - 21 points
Loss with no medals - 30 Points
Quit game early - 100 points, instant, no recovery
Disconnect - 25 points first offence, if happens 4 times in one day - 125 points

All in all, I feel as if this is a great way to learn, rectify and try to make the game a little more even. I hope that this is something that will help make comp a bit more competitive.
Ana is fine where she is. As for Junkrat, I'd gladly pay a monthly fee to never have him in another game of mine. Symmetra is annoying but she's definitely easy to contain if you're at least decent at the game.

The medal idea is awful. You might as well remove all characters that aren't DPS and turn the game into team deathmatch if you're going to base rewards off of medals.
Your math is a bit off here.

D.va 800 damager per minute?

McCree 120x140 would be the damage for all crits. Not 120x70. You know what crits are?

Let's not get into comp grading. So if you get 5 kills per match and it's gold you should be heavily rewarded? That would NEVER EVER work.

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