I LOVE Losing SR Because of Leavers

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09/06/2017 06:20 PMPosted by Yami
09/06/2017 06:17 PMPosted by Enuma
... I have to say that this is a good idea. I lose about 200 SR because of those leavers. In comp, 5v6 is not going to win for certain, and it is not fair for those 5 sides players

Only problem with this is it can be easily abused. Especially if you have a friend play on a smurf; then if you're about to lose just have them leave right before it ends.

Or if you're in a group of 6 just have one bud take one for the team ez climbing.

Solution: people who are grouped with the leaver suffer all penalties, people not in the party don't lose or gain any SR.
As of right now... this is the 3rd time since the game launched that i can connect to the forums... connect to the battle.net launcher ... and yet i got booted from competitive the moment the game started and i could pick a hero.... i still am unable to log in... relaunch the battle.net launcher.. logs me in fine... try to enter the game.... "failed to connect"..... restart over and over again.

NO ONE can predict when their own internet fails.. let alone when it's clearly not their internet and yet doesn't appear to be battle.net.. some switch between.. though i must say, when i can connect to the launcher and fail to connect to the game repeatedly ... this raises a number of questions.

I utterly despise leavers that do it intentionally.. and most often you can't even tell. But i'm guaranteed to have lost significantly while doing my initial 10.... and being outright booted from the server without any clear explanation as to why.. i wouldn't be surprised being my first time since basically christmas, that i've been disconnected.

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