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Ok, so I have a question and a complaint.

During my placements Overwatch crashed and I was disconnected. I was back in the game within 10 seconds and we went on to win... it counts as a win on my placements but will this be detrimental to my overall SR?

The complain is that the game crashed AGAIN during team select... I was back in the game within 10 seconds (as thats how long it takes to click play and usually rejoin game) and I couldn't rejoin so had a loss and a suspension. This has now completely ruined my SR and my near perfect winstreak of placements; there has to be a fairer way of doing this, because this is far too punishing and honestly unacceptable.

Why not make it 30 seconds? The issue is Blizzards end anyway as I have updated all drivers, have no overlays and this doesn't happen with any other game at all :/

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