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From season 5 and now season 6 I see alot of people talking about trolls,leavers ect. Its an issue that hasn't been fixed and probably never will be. If they did there would be a huge decrease in toxicty but its gotten worse. I feel bad for my team when we have toxic or trolly people. Even the enemy team I feel bad for if they have a troll. I doint even want to touch the game becasue am basically being spearheaded into playing cause I know ill just have this problem as well. Its not fun its just depressing seeing people do this without punishment. I feel the decay system shouldn't be active in till blizzard fixes the issues that need to be addressed. Its sucks to play a game during last and this season where your skill doesn't matter no more, your team controls your rank. I love this game. Have since the beta , but its getting to that point where I just want to quit and play something else. Sorry for the rant

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