And I thought Reinmeta was a curse....

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People always complained about the man with the shield in every match. But now its over and everything got worse. So many hero's came into the meta that are just cancer to play against. When season 3 was going I thought I knew how the worst meta looks because 3 tanks are so boring but omg was I wrong. The next season should have saved us from that but everything got worse. A whole month of OP Bastian (on pc it was one day, thanks to blizzard for the quick reaction love you guys) and after that the 24/7 dive meta ruled overwatch. Playing a healer makes less fun than before and to be honest there is nothing that makes fun playing anymore. I took a little break and hoped that the Hog nerf that was needed for a year (thanks to blizzard for the quick reaction love you guys) and doomfist will change the meta. But everything we got was another genji like character that can one shot every 4 seconds. 

Comp seasons get worse the more we get. 

All you had to do then, is what people do now. SHOOT THE SHIELD TILL IT BREAKS OR HE DROPS IT.

That is all. The complaints about the shield were so so dumb.
People dont know what they want

they think they do

but they dont.

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