OW does a poor job indicating the direction of enemy fire.

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I've noticed a certain...occurence...when playing Overwatch: I'll be in a fight, gunning down my enemies, things are going well...then all of a sudden *BAM!* I'm dead. I'll be scratching my head, thinking "What just happened?" and when I watch the Kill Cam I'll see, to my great dismay, that an enemy Reaper (or whoever) was plugging round after round into my back and I somehow failed to notice it.

I've always attributed it to my lack of situational awareness, but then I noticed it with other players, too. In one memorable instance, I was playing as Sombra, defending on Temple of Anubis. The enemy team was bunched up near the first choke point, so I attacked from one of the side-passages...and here's where it gets weird: I unloaded two full magazines into them, killing three or four players, and not once did they return fire or even look in my direction. Now, even if this team were made up of total newbies, I'd expect them to react in at least SOME manner.

I've come to the conclusion that Overwatch does a poor job of indicating where you're taking fire from and how much damage you're taking. Back in the days of Quake, if you got hit, the screen would flash, your character would emit a loud grunt of pain, and it was never hard to determine where you were being attacked from. But in Overwatch this does not appear to be the case. Yes, there are little red marks that appear around your crosshair indicating the direction of incoming fire, but they are small, appear only briefly, and are easily lost in the visual clutter surrounding the crosshair. Also not helping matters is the fact that you're healthbar is relatively small and does not visually "pop out" from the rest of the screen.

And on a related point, has anyone noticed that the relative volume of sound effects is a bit...off? As in, I can hear an enemy Pharah activating her jump jets from across the map, but an enemy Reaper firing his shotguns at point-blank range is oddly quiet. Likewise, if you're flying about as Pharah and D.Va starts shooting at you, you'll hear a very loud CLANK-CLANK-CLANK-CLANK-, which sounds as if you're taking heavy fire, even though at that range D.Va is only taking off 1 or 2 HP with every hit.

Surely I can't be the only one who has noticed these things.
I think Overwatch has amazing sound design and is easily my favorite game ever. That said, I think you're right about sounds being a little... off. I've thought the same thing about lacking situational awareness. "Well I AM a gold player, maybe I should have just been paying more attention..." (After being rocket/sprayed by Soldier, gunned down by Reaper, or triple shuriken dashed by Genji).
The worst is when a teammate's character shouts out "Behind you!" when you've already turned to face the threat and then you're like "wait is someone ELSE behind me NOW?"

Overall though the sound design usually helps you figure it out.
They do need a better incoming damage display, but that may be because I'm partially deaf in one ear.
For all the hate Call of Duty gets the little red curves that appear on the edges to show you where the shots are coming from are really nice and there's a reason why most shooters include them.
I personally haven't had this problem. However I do know that at least one of my friends does.

How? My friend was playing Orisa. An enemy Reaper got PotG... in it the Reaper walked up next to my friend, unloaded a few rounds past him, killing me and 1 other person. Then the Reaper turns and unloads 3 shots into my friend. Throughout the entire thing... my friend did not even twitch in reaction to the Reaper.

Also I am reasonably certain the only reason I don't have this problem is because I am very good at, and reliant on, figuring out what's going on around me just based off what I can hear. How do I know that? Because at one point I spent the first 2-3 minutes on a Dorado Defense running around like crazy trying to find the enemies and failing miserably... all because I had my headphones on backwards.
you might just be bad... and since you have never played comp before your prob noticing it from other players that are also bronze. dont blame the game for not noticing a reaper right next to you when he has shotguns that can be heard from across the map
I can usually know what's going on around me with sound alone, it just takes practice.
Interesting. Yesterday I was playing some comp and I remember a match where a Reaper did the same you did with Sombra, he didn't used his ult but he killed all the players who were behind our Orisa, including me. No one realized and I swear I didn't hear him :C

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