I have not played in 5 weeks and returned

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just to try the new mercy and honestly shes so fun. Im having such a blast with her.
I am having a blast in general in the game, I used to be so damn upset at this game at this game but i took a well needed break and honestly my mindset is different.

how is everyone else this season, how do you like the changes?
I did the same thing a while back. Felt completely burnt out and almost started hating the game, but then I took a 4 week break and came back to enjoy the game more than ever.
Also this season so far is pretty good for me at least.
I hate myself for playing it as I am addicted to the pain and insults of everyone.
I love the changes and so far I think season 6 is great to me, it feels like the most balanced season yet. Mercy may become a must pick but hey I am a mercy main, and she doesn't make other healers bad, they are still all very viable. I see various dps and tank combos and so far when I asked someone to switch they did! It feels so good.
i have seem also less leavers and less throwers than last season it feels so good
maybe jeffs positive video helped us all!!

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