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When you get grouped duo; healer + DPS , then healer heals ONLY his m8... priceless :-P
Only just seen this and 100% behind it. :)
11/11/2017 12:00 AMPosted by Medal
Lol I like how you've given a whole wall of text without addressing the question itself once.

The question is, "How are you going to match 5 people group into a group queue if it will only accept groups of no less than 2 people?"

Or are you intending the group queue to only be used by 6-stacks, therefore destroying the possibility for lesser groups to even play the game? Suppose I just want to climb with a friend, and I don't care about anyone else. According to this logic, I must find four randoms to play with. Then how is it any different from solo queue?

It is you who missed the obvious here:

I was very clear that what I am asking for is for players to have the CHOICE to queue with solos only. This would basically be like a checkbox on the competitive button that says:

"Would you like to only match with other solo players? Check this box if YES"

This would not eliminate queueing as 5, as presumably "some" solo players would leave the box unchecked and would match to fill out games that contain partial groups, if it really isn't a detriment to their playstyle. I suspect that nobody would want to match with partial group, and that should be their decision to make.
11/01/2017 05:29 PMPosted by drich

I don't understand why there is no option for solo players to match only with other solo players. I think the forced addition of partial groups (2-5) creates no possibility for balanced matches when teams are present; in a particular group of friends, what are the *actual* odds they are all *actually* in the same MMR bracket?

More often than not, one of the players is of significantly differing skill level (either much lower, or much higher) and this can severely affect the outcome of the game; all the players in the party know about this beforehand and are making a conscious decision to play with that player, but the solos that are matched to fill out the team have no say.

I am asking that you implement a feature for solo players to only match with other solo players so we aren't at the whim of groups. If there is a valid counter-argument I would love to hear it.


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disagree, we need to implement grouping up as a requirement, solo que is toxic and a complete gamble once you reach your carry potential
11/11/2017 09:32 PMPosted by Heifer

disagree, we need to implement grouping up as a requirement, solo que is toxic and a complete gamble once you reach your carry potential

For a game to succeed in the current competitive landscape, it has to be accessible. In a world where 3-5 popular multiplayer games can be released in a given year, it's important for a game that wants to become and remain relevant to be accessible for users.

By forcing group-only, it would not elevate the level of competition, as the players destined for the upper echelon already practice that mindset; it would only serve to make the game less accessible for the rest of the playerbase.

The goal is not for the entire playerbase to be come a pro, or to make it to the top; the point is that the entirety of the playerbase should have a way to play the game that is not fundamentally flawed, and the easiest way to do that is to allow solo players the option to queue with other solo players.

Queuing as a group of 6 is already an option, and the best way to implement features for the benefit of the userbase would be to introduce them as options first, then pay close attention to the metrics and decide if any further changes are needed.
I agree with this petition.
Need to be two ranked games.
SOLO and TEAM same as at HOTS.

When i go solo = i need to meet SOLO players.NOT 3 at team, not 4.. not 5. SOLO.
Why i should play hard when i get 5 players in group and other team have this too, but our stack is bad.. why i should suffer and lose..
I always hate being in a group where lets say the enemy team is six plats, and we have 5 with one of our guys carrying his gold friend. It frustrates me because I almost never see these types of matches to be of any success (the team with the gold player most of the time losses).
This feature should be added as quick as possible imo.
agreed. I got in a match today with a group of 2 and a group of 3. they were playing at school and didn't join voice chat...
Bumping this because playing with five stacks is NOT fun.
Honestly, the only mode should be 1v1 until they add some sort of guild system. This thread makes it clear no one wants to play a team game (though amusingly people still complain if they don't get heals and shields :p)
Signed. Solo queue should have its own SR so people can't rank up in a group and then go solo.
This is absurd that there is no pure solo queue where everyone is on his own and equal (no friendly carry, no stupid duos with close to 1000SR rank difference, etc.).

Also the best experience I had were games with full 6 solos - best communication and teamwork and worst are by far 1+5stack where you are that black sheep nobody gives a single F about.

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