InternetHulk, May he RIP

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Knew him as a friend, he was a good drinker and the nicest guy I've ever met.

If you guys want to do something in his honor, spread the message. He viewed everyone as equal in the eSports scene and he hated how toxic everyone was to each other. He was on the #1 team in the world and was the most down to earth guy you'd ever meet.

You had a good run buddy.

How did he die?
RIP. The feeling to read someones last words/tweets when they were still alive is just really sad.
I'm not sure who this guy is (I'm not too involved in esports), but rip and I hope his family can cope with the loss
A reminder life is short.

Please be kind to each other while we are all still here.

11/08/2017 05:46 PMPosted by MrDestructo
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I doubt a post on his team's official Twitter is a "rumor."

I mean the way he died, there has been no official word on how he passed, just rumors

Oh, my bad. One of his last tweets was about him feeling sick, so it may have had something to do with that. Still, the dude was taken from us far too soon. Truly a blow to not eSports, but the Overwatch community as whole.
I couldn't believe it was real, it came out of nowehere... it feels like just yesterday when he was in EnvyUs and playing in Apex, the guy was not toxic at all unlike a lot of other players. This is very sad. Rest in peace...
It is rumored that he died due to complications with tonsillitis
Aww man.
Rest in peace, friend.
F ;-;
F. The guy was an inspiration, it was him that got me into playing supports when I was watching EnVyUs in APEX Season 2. Will be missed by me and the community in general. Rest in peace

Didn't know the guy, didn't watch the guy, but from the looks of it, he was a good man.
He was the only pro-symmetra player, and man did he make her work.

You fight against InternetHulk's Symmetra on Kings Row, you lose.

He was so young. R.I.P my condolences goes out him and his family.
Rest in Hulk, he's gone now folks.
Wow, this is sad. F :(

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