Who Else Is No Longer A Mercy Main Tommorow?

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11/13/2017 07:04 PMPosted by RobotWizard
11/13/2017 06:56 PMPosted by Terranguard
you guys said that last time with the rework and to my knowledge none of you followed through with it.

Looks at number of hours played in comp this season.... sees a 0

Mmmm I did. I've been waiting for Moira to drop.
What are you talking about? the OP has time on her (albeit a few minutes but no time on any other heroes at all.) and you have 27 hours this season.
I’ve been asking for a vampiric healer for a long time.

So yea. Can’t wait.
Mercy will probably take a hit in solo queue games, since coordination is usually nonexistent, and getting value out of Resurrect is going to get considerably harder without it.

On consoles, I think she will remain popular as a primary healer for at least a while, since aiming with Ana is difficult with a controller, and Moira will be in a sort of limbo as people figure out her kit.

Regarding Moira, I suspect plenty of people will be thrown off by her energy gauge and abandon her quickly as being underpowered, when the reality is that she is quite effective when played correctly. It looks like she is played very differently than the other healers, which is honestly fantastic and refreshing to liven up the category.
Wait is Moira for sure out tomorrow???!
I'm looking forward to a bit of a break from Mercy.

I'll still play her but it'll be nice if this nerf makes her not so damn mandatory.

I miss Lucio-Zen comps. And Ana. And the new comps that'll rise up with Moira are exciting.

I don't mind playing healers at all, Mercy, Lucio, & Zen make up 3 of my top 5 favourite heroes to play.

Being forced to play 90 percent Mercy though is getting tiresome.
Personally I like what's happening, it'll give me a chance to get better at other healers :)
Besides the Ult (still think it's a bit too OP), I think Mercy is in the most balanced position she's been in, and that includes the added risk factor to Res. I am also enjoying exploring her new mobility options with the Guardian Angel "jump" subability. It seems like they finally found a good compromise between old Mercy's GA and the previous PTR's iteration where she could EASILY glide past her teammates with little effort.

In short, I welcome the risk/reward of Res and her improved but not over the top Guardian Angel movement.
(raises hand)
Bye mercy , hi widow :D
Although I’ll be using Ana more, Mercy will always be one of my favorites. She was the first hero I ever picked from day one c:
I don't care about Moira, I'm gonna play the hell out of Ana again, gonna take out those pesky pharas out the skies.
11/13/2017 06:45 PMPosted by FunnyCritter
Well, Moira is being released tomorrow... along with Mercys huge nerf. Now that Mercy is dead, who else is going to migrate to our new, badass, evil aunt? After 50 hours, Mercy is just.. outright boring and i'm honestly tired of constantly filling when the rest of our team is five dps. Not after tomorrow! Im completely abandoning her, anyone else on the same train of thought?

My only hope is that she doesn't get nerfed into the ground a week after release. In my opinion, she's fairly balanced but I hope no one complains about a healer being able to defend themselves.

Bigger issue, where did you get the information that Moira's being released tomorrow?
I am proud Torbjorn main now! Aaaardwark always pays of.
11/13/2017 06:45 PMPosted by FunnyCritter
Now that Mercy is dead, who else is going to migrate to our new, badass, evil aunt?
Never thought I'd ever find myself saying this, but probably me. Mercy is now trash. But Moira seems cool at least.
11/13/2017 06:48 PMPosted by LethalToast
Eeh. I feel like everyone overhypes heroes. They play them on the ptr a little bit and say "this is my new main". After a few weeks people learn how to counter them. Usually the new hero fun wears off after a couple weeks and people go back to their mains. Look at all the orisa mains lol.

From what I hear Orisa has actually taken Reins spot now so *shrug* it all depends on the timing really.
I’ve been leaving Mercy slowly because of all of these updates. However I fell in love with Moira the MOMENT I saw her, and I myself being Irish, I can only hope she has Gaelic voicelines! I can’t wait to play her. I want to be a healer and a player. I main Tracer as a dps and always have so I’ve naturally been an attacker. I was a battle angel when I did play Mercy. And now Moira is here and amazing. I’ve got my two mains
I have always preferred Ana.
I'm a flex player. the only support I like is zen. I feel like I can play moira and have fun. so that's good.

I don't like how mercy plays. maybe I'll try using her in the future
I usually play in fullstack with a group of friends. Among our support mains:
- one of them will take the Ana damage buff and stop playing any other hero.
- one of them hope Mercy will stop being mandatory with this patch, and will go to other supports (mostly Ana, probably Moira too).
- one of them was a Mercy main before the rework, and will keep playing her. But he will also play Zen, Lucio or Moira according to the other picks.
- one of them will jump on Moira tomorrow.

I can see Moira/Ana having a 90% pick rate the next 2 weeks

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