Can’t see players portraits

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Same here.
Update: issue seems SLIGHTLY better. I’m still getting missing borders and stars but I’m getting more games where I can see them? I would still love a fix :/ even if it’s something I can do myself
Same, plus off-topic; when I switch menus/wheel menus, like the emote menu and communication menu, it takes a bit longer to load, which is annoying, when I'm trying to quickly communicate with my teammates.

This is happening, since the update.
Same issue here, I posted this around the same time too:
looks like they won't adress this
same here
same. never sure if i'm playing on a team with a lvl 16 or a 516 until portraits eventually load further on in the game.
same here..
Same problem. :(
Same problem, can only see full level when im in the groups screen. It makes lvl checking so much harder.
No update ?
Same - only a number, no borders.
This is annoying. Is it going to be fixed, or intended?
Same here!
Same here since weeks ago :(
fix your game jeff
Ahhh this has been going on since the update heck
This madness affects me too. It's pretty annoying and should be fixed!

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